I Want To Become The Emperor, So I Need A Divorce


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Born as an imperial princess, Arnoa married a pathetic king of a bordering territory. Her eldest brother, whom she doesn’t get along with, was the emperor. She had no choice but to do what she was ordered.

“I love you, Larissa.”
“Larissa is so happy.”

Whether her husband was having an affair with her lady-in-waiting or not, she quietly stayed and waited for her death.
Her eldest brother was dead.
Her second brother was dead, too?

Then the next emperor was Arnoa… no, it’s her worthless husband.
All titles that she would inherit while under a marriage contract would be vested to her husband. She couldn’t let that happen even if she died, and so she decided.

“I’ll get a divorce. I’ll be the Emperor.”

Her husband, who was late to hear the news, knew nothing yet. For that reason, she decided to become a crazy queen.

“Looking at you closely, you look ugly.”

She would say what she wanted to say to her husband.

“Do you know how to swim? You need to if you can’t.”

She watched her husband and cheating maid fall into the pond.
The goal was to divorce her husband and become the ruler of the continent.

“If you only waited for one more day, the continent would have been yours.”

When he realized the truth, it was after everything was over.
She said to her foolish ex-husband with his mouth wide open.

“I’m telling you to lower your head. Didn’t you hear me?”

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2 Reviews

Jun 24, 2021
Status: c13
Leaving a review here mostly to get this novel more attention and appreciation, which I hope it will after some more chapters are translated.

Read the first ~13 chapters and then read some spoilers, and I have to say the female lead had me intrigued.
She had to obediently get married, as she would be in danger if she would put up resistance, whereas her marriage at least had some value. When she gets the news of her brothers' death she is distraught, but not because of her close relationship with... more>> them, but because the next in line to the throne is her incompetent husband. The FL, who was probably the most talented one out of all her siblings, but unfortunately got thrown away from the center of power, takes the situation into her own hands.
And so, the novel starts with her mission to annoy the emperor, plot against him and his subordinates, while constantly defending against assassination attempts (with help, of course), all leading to her (hopefully) divorcing him in time, before he gets to take the imperial throne.
The FL and ML met quickly, their relationship developed neither slowly nor quickly through their cooperation, which is also nice compared to all the slow romance novels with null progress through 3/4 of the novel's length or the fast romance ones where the main couple magically falls for each other in the span of 2 days.
After the continuation of the prologue

(which happens in chapters ~35, divorced faster than the Remarried Empress, thank God)

, the plot redirects to a more political one, which hopefully will be as enjoyable as the first arc. <<less
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Jan 13, 2022
Status: c9
Great for now. The summary seems cool but the novel's writing isn't new though.

What's great is that the premise is intriguing and the novel keeps being great as it is now!

Only complaint is the chapters are slow, but that's not in my position to complain about TT
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