I Want The Invulnerable Disciplinary Committee Chairwoman To Fall


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On the day of the entrance ceremony at Misono Girls’ Academy, Shimizu Mirai was warned by Reika, the chairwoman of the Disciplinary Committee with long black hair, to remove her wristband.

With this, Mirai becomes interested in Reika.

A perfect and seamless senior. What does she see under the cold-hearted mask?

Mirai has played the ill-bred game of making the other party fall and has won over numerous men,
After witnessing a group of girls kissing in the shade of a tree, she begins to wonder if the same thing could be done at an all-girls school.

The difficulty level will be infinitely higher.
But that is why it is so rewarding.
Now, let’s start the game.

——I want the invulnerable disciplinary committee chairwoman to fall.

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Nankoufuraku no Fuuki Iinchou wo Otoshitai
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