I Turned the Female Knight into a Stay-at-Home Girl


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“I’m going to sleep right away.”

“I’ll play one more round.”

“Staying up late is bad for your health, it’s better to game all night.”

“Ugh, so troublesome, let’s just go home quickly.”

“Hey, didn’t you tell me? The money you spent wasn’t really spent, you just traded it for a way to accompany something you like.”

“No, I’m sealed in by the blanket and can’t get up.”

“Stood up again? I’m going to destroy this unreliable world.”

“Even if I die, I still won’t go out to work.”

It wasn’t like this in the beginning. For an ice mountain lady knight from another world to become like this, it’s quite an achievement. Though it’s also pretty easy.

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I raised the female knight to be a deadbeat otaku
Wǒ bǎ nǚ qíshì yǎng chéng sǐ zhái nǚ
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1 Review

Dec 07, 2023
Status: c26
this is actually a pretty decent slice of life novel, the translation is not perfect but good and understandable.

The plot is basically, the MC finds and helps a knight girl from another world who got teleported to earth while running from enemy forces.

I would give this a 4/5 as it has some flaws like, needing a more detailed background of the FMC's life back on her world and world building, exploring the outside world more instead of staying at home most the time but the name of the novel... more>> implies it lol. Don't know why this has so many low ratings though. It's a bit better than average. The characters also have personality. No serious romance yet though. There's alot of talk about PC games too btw

Theres a manhua similar to this called "My wife from a thousand years ago" it's very cute and wholesome, filled with fluff and love <<less
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