I Fired the Maid Who Had Served Me for 19 Years


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Finally Fired

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19년 동안 나를 섬겨왔던 메이드를 해고했다
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New Redmi
June 18, 2024
Status: c12
The synopsis may put you off, but actually if you can ignore the iffy translation, it is kinda an okayish novel.

Be prepared for some confusion though:

... more>>

* The maid mentioned in the title has not been fired by MC, she resigned because MC is too weak.

* MC has always wanted to fire the maid, but he doesn't dare to because she is an S-class calamity that was detected by his SYSTEM.

* It was the 19 years period that will confuse the readers. The maid starts serving the MC since he was five. Therefore, after 19 years and she resigned, they should be in their twenties (both of them are of the same age).

* Then you learned that both of them, plus MC's new maid (an S-class blessing, who incidentally also the same age as the MC) are going to enroll into some kind of academy. In their twenties.

Even if the academy is an university, aren't the main characters too old for one?


The author needs to elaborate more in future chapters. <<less
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