I Thought This Only Happens In Erotic Games


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Yoo In, who has recently developed a hobby for female-oriented games, tries a new game after receiving a recommendation from a friend.

It was a game with targeted characters and strong 19+ scenes.

Although confused, Yoo In becomes interested.

She said, ‘Is it really this good?’

The next day, Yoo In goes to lecture and realizes that Dohyuk, sitting next to her, is similar to the male protagonist in the game.
The curves, the physique, and even the eyes.

However, Dohyuk was a man about whom bad rumors circulated.

He said he was friends with a gangster, that the reason he couldn’t go to physical education school was because of school violence, etc.

Yu-in is scared of Do-hyuk, who is speechless, big, and has fierce eyes.

However, she ends up doing group work together.

On the group assignment meeting day.

Yoo-in waits for Do-hyuk, but as time passes, Do-hyuk does not come.

Yoo-in enters the game out of habit…
but when she hears someone calling behind her, she gets startled and drops her cell phone.

The screen passes by her hand, a button is pressed, and an event screen appears.

To be exact, the hot 19+ scene.

Dohyuk picks up her fallen phone.

And then he discovers a man who looks exactly like him in the liquid crystal display.

“Have you ever imagined something like this about me?”

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이런 건 야겜에서나 있는 일인 줄 알았는데
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