I Signed-In in Tokyo


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[DING!- You have acquired a single-family building property right] [DING!- You have acquired “100.000.000” Cherry Dollars] [DING!- You have acquired “Almighty Coffee owner” Title] [DING!- You have acquired “Almighty Musician” Title]

Lynn Reincarnated into a two-dimensional world and got the sign-in and check-in system. He was running a Polo coffee shop, going to school, making coffee, and thinking about how to chase the confused detective’s beautiful daughter upstairs.

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Date Group Release
06/27/22 otaku akut c6
06/25/22 otaku akut c5
06/24/22 otaku akut c4
06/23/22 otaku akut c3
06/22/22 otaku akut c2
06/20/22 otaku akut c1
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