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As someone who had always aspired to live a laid-back life, Xu Lin received the news of his hometown’s old house’s demolition at the age of 24. As a result he would be compensated with about 5 million. But before he could grasp the feeling of being a second-generation displaced person , he blinked and found himself back in the green years of being 17.

Now, he had to embrace the “salted fish” state once again and wait for another 7 years. Despite his initial thoughts, a peculiar thing happened due to a confession incident, disrupting his plans.

[Congratulations Host on activating the Twelve Zodiac Love System!]

Thus his fate became entangled with 12 different types of girls…

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DaoistfriendSR rated it
March 21, 2024
Status: --
It's a interesting series. Though I'm the translator I can say that it gets better and interesting the more you read it. It's a daily life based novel with elements of comedy, romance and mystery surrounding the characters connections with each other. The main character and the female leads actually have a connection which gets revealed in the later part of the novel, their history. Why the system choose those 12 women...

Read it. Hope you like it.
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Pandainbambooforest rated it
March 20, 2024
Status: --
I liked every chapter, quite interesting. Hope this novel, can keep on posting such chapters. And most of all thanks to the Author and translator, for their hard work.
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Ziegfreed rated it
April 12, 2024
Status: c11
Don't know why there's so many 5 star reviews, it's a copy paste of any other Chinese urban novel

Meets a new girl every chapter or two, conveniently has a skill relevant to wooing said girl because he conveniently was a tutor, novelist, singer, played an instrument, did martial arts etc in his past life... did I also mention that he was a salted fish slacker somehow in his past life who sat around doing nothing until money fell into his lap only to be sent back in time 7... more>> years? How do you become that proficient in everything when your supposed to be some salted fish slacker?

Don't expect anything spectacular from this one, it's the same old style as all the other Chinese travel back in time winning over every girl trope. But overall it's fine to read as junk food. <<less
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new cultivator
new cultivator rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: c70
Very good read overall. Stonk story, strong writing, few issues highlighted by Mr. Gkh22 3* review are there and real..

High expectations, the hype is strong at c65.

... more>>

Also saw a glimpse of what could explain the unrealistic and too fast relationship dev + MC being too competent. Very exciting plot honestly, it kinda reminds me of fruit basket with that zoodiac system. Now that I think about it, the writing quality was too good to have basic mistakes like these even then I just thought it was good it was fast paced.

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Gkh22 rated it
March 30, 2024
Status: --
The translation quality is iffy and there's little to no formatting on the website so you're forced to read through big blocks of text that are ridden with odd phrasing and more.

Additionally, I expected a bit more out of the story based on these existing reviews, but rather, it's a bit simple, and the characters feel very unrealistic.

... more>>

The main character regresses from 23, but somehow is able to fake taking a punch standing up for a heroine with little to no hesitation, and is somehow the second coming of Casanova despite there not being any real catalyst towards a change. The female heroines also feel flat, and fall straight into tropes - e.g, the Ice Queen who MC somehow meets in the countryside (??), the Class President who rejects love but also falls in love because the MC decided to give her bread, the hot teacher who.. You get the point.


Not terrible, but just not as "deep" or interesting as these other reviews make it out to be, imo. <<less
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Chareless rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: c59
Within 59 chapters, I've absolutely loved it.

It's incredibly well written and damn good, with subtle character development and interesting characters so far. I love how the main character's view on life bled into their interactions; they see it as being lazy, but I see them as detached and mentally healthy. This detachment, different from apathy, actually draws people to him.

The novel zooms in into daily life, such as the pointless words exchanged with friends, the worry of being late for school, cooking for your family, visiting your grandparents, etc. I... more>> love that the main character has realizations not through some sort of big event; many times, the realizations you have come from the little things. Big problems don't necessarily require big solutions.

Another thing I'd like to point out is the element of expectation of, who are we going to get next? What kind of interaction would the main character have with them? I believe that a good story should have some sort of sense of mystery and anticipation.

It's not what I expected in a typical Chinese novel, I won't lie, especially one with such a title. All in all, I'm very interested in how it's going to develop, and I'd like to say good job to the translator and co. For finding and translating this novel. Love you guys. <<less
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Paradoxum rated it
March 26, 2024
Status: c54
Really good. It follows a simple plot but the characters are what makes it interesting.

It falls on the "being an honorable scumbag" kind of novel. Harem, system, honesty, etc.

I kind of really like the Protagonist, his biggest cheat isn't the system but his regression as he changes a lot of things in his life by just being more conscious, honest, humble and mature. In fact, the system is kind of background most of the time, just some timely help here and there but this isn't a "grind" for points... more>> plot, the Protagonist basically is a good dude and unconsciously becomes more and more successful, like the title indicates.

Chapters have a good length an overall is a good read. Going to follow. <<less
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