I Picked Up an Amnesiac Witch


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A ‘witch’ who brought winter to the entire continent. After many twists and turns, the moment he subdued the witch, he returned to the past 10 years ago–with a witch with amnesia.

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기억상실에 걸린 마녀를 주워버렸다
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    New smilex rated it
    July 3, 2024
    Status: --
    The only good is the translation.

    Reading this just doesn't feel good.

    as mentioned in description/synopsis, the MC regressed back... but all his behaviors and personality is just your typical cliche weak novel noble.

    Before regression it was show he already become a Duke, have a good head and a "survivor".

    But then after regression, non of it matters. Therefore I'm very confused why bother giving him the background and introduction?

    Even the Sister that he strongly want to protect before regression was briefly mentioned then forgotten.
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    Witnessfox22 rated it
    April 1, 2024
    Status: --
    MC is weak and spineless. Literally getting bullied despite having been a duke. Why even give him that backstory if he's just going to be a doormat?

    The writing and translation are good though so if a wet noodle protagonist isn't a deal breaker for you then it might be worth a read.
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    iravel rated it
    April 20, 2024
    Status: c15 part2
    I suggest you skip first couple chapters/prologue. They don't quite make sense in developing the back story. Instead they are used to introduce members of the harem.

    ... more>>

    The MC is the Duke of where the witch was found and is imprisoned using that as the cause. Then he apparently has to guide the expedition party which consist of 4 women who will most likely be part of the harem. He is the only servant and performs all the menial work since he is a "criminal". Additionally, they take a year to go back to the duchy even when the empire is starving because of endless winter. You would think there should be some urgency to killing the witch.


    It doesn't get that much better after the regression so far.


    Author is setting the MC up for incompetence. The MC is bored and not paying attention to the high-level politics during the meeting with the Emperor. Why doesn't he care about the conflict between his family and his former fiancé's family?

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