I Heard That I’m An Affectionate Male Lead


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Cang Yu is a time traveler who became the great elder of the Tianhu Clan.

As a result, right after waking up, he got rid of his cuckold and broke up with the heroine.

–According to the original plot, he should let go peacefully but in fact he’s quite miserable. He secretly helps the heroine when she’s in trouble, acts as a therapist whenever the heroine needs it, before finally becoming a qualified and affectionate male lead: a spare tire left to air for thousands of years.

It’s a pity that Cang Yu doesn’t have a mind as broad as the sea like the original.

He rubbed his paws and flicked his tail. After a few months, everyone Tianhu Clan was aware that their elder was a hopeless romantic, affectionate, generous and kind, while the heroine’s originally charming and naive persona was shattered.

Cang Yu was addicted to acting and was so good at it that the hearts of the cubs in the clan were captured; they gave him an egg to replenish his health.

Cang Yu: ? ? ?

The care of the cubs couldn’t be forsaken, but Cang Yu didn’t want to eat a hairy chick, so he got a bird and hatched his future partner.

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nuyanata rated it
December 23, 2023
Status: Completed
Don't judge it form the novel name. (I think it's light heart novel at first.😂😂😂)

The plot development's good. I enjoyed it till the ending.

The one biggest minus point is age gap of lead couple. Ml's still in learning and growing period but mc's an elder, full grown demon.

Author warp things up nicely. The main couple have peaceful kind of ending. When another couples have brief explanation for ending.

It's not happy ever after and full of bun ending type but still good read.
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LadyFancy69 rated it
December 26, 2023
Status: Completed
This was good at the beginning but then it just dragged on. The two two main characters are just pawns that let themselves be used. Especially the MC. More than halfway through I wanted to drop it. The ending feels like a let down.
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
February 1, 2024
Status: --
First two thirds of the story are 4 stars. The ending is a let down, but not enough to dock the rating.

I mostly feel confused by Cang Yu's inability to sit still. I suspect his boredom in the story may reflect the author's boredom with his own story near the end. Dude has barely lived a normal modern mortal's lifespan and he sounds ready to commit double seppuku.


The main story itself is fine. An ordinary bloke becomes a fox and is very confused despite knowing some of the future plot. He gets a divorce immediately from the female protagonist and attempts to find a way out for himself. The beginning of the story is adapting to his identity including his demonic powers as a nine tailed fox, raising the cub with other members of the Fox clan, and finding an opportunity to justifiably sneak out to travel. The middle part is very much a travelogue and the approach to romance ends up being rather slice of life. I like that the male lead fell in love so simply. Like he said, what reason do you need? As for the age thing:

The biggest part of the problem isn't the physical age gap or even the mental age gap but the bridging the mentality of two different species. ML is already in his 20s (or 420s) when he falls for CY. The problem is that he spent the majority of those years in ignorance as a normal animal and the rest as a very cold intelligent species that doesn't care to understand too much of human nature. The saving grace here is that there is absolutely nothing like grooming going on despite large physical and mental age gaps (latter reversed in last half of story). CY took a very hands off approach in raising the cub and as a straight man never considered the child as a potential partner. His initial feelings stemmed from an unfair emotional dependence on the 'child'. ML is ultimately the one person CY feels comfortable being himself around. This feeling obviously fades over time but in the story gets replaced by other emotions. Sketchy aspect is that the ML, despite aging up and maturing beyond CY, is still the child in the relationship thanks to his unconditional trust and love for his guardian even if these emotions stemmed from moments that had nothing to do with their past. The relationship still has CY take advantage and unscrupulously rely on the ML's naivety no matter how many times the author clarifies that CY never saw ML as a real child to justify that CY did not fall in love with a young boy just because he was young or a boy.


I still rated 4 stars primarily for the effort put into developing the side characters and overall setting. This aspect was 11/10. Don't expect to find the cliche supervillain mastermind in this story. Each new friend and bad guy has their own backstory. Most friends actually exist in a grey area thanks to this extra level of complexity. The real enemy might be the concept of insatiable greed and the way of heaven (/author).
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