I Had To Take A Day Off From Work Because I Was Suspected Of Being In Love With Someone


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Goro Araki, 32 years old and single, is in his 10th year of working. He was a big fan of Momoka Aimi, a member of the five-member idol group “Sakura Romance”.

One day, her “alleged infatuation” was reported.

Araki broke down the moment he saw the online news and decided to take a day off from work in shock.

The weekly magazine showed a picture of her seemingly shaking hands with the other man, which was covered with mosaic. Araki came to one inference.

“Hey, isn’t that … me?”

He becomes a party to the allegations and gets caught up in his daily life with Momoka Aimi.

Even adults can have sweet and sour youth forever.

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Oshi ni netsuai giwaku detakara kaisha yasunda
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