I Ended Up Living Up Next Door With My Ex-Husband


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On the day I witnessed her husband’s affair, I possessed the ex-wife of the male lead’s possessed manic.

“Rebecca, I would have told you not to touch my body without permission.”

I divorced him at once with one condition I stay in the mansion next door for the time being for the sake of my life. By the way…

” I regret the moment I divorced you. And my folly that I knew nothing about until your heart left me. Rebecca, I want to win your heart back.”

“Your Highness, you said you would live next door for the time being, but you didn’t ask me to regret it?”

“You’ve been struggling, because of me…”

With those quiet words, Rebecca let go of their clasped hands.

“…How about you, Cedric?”

At that moment, instead of my departure, all I had to do was stay with Cedric…


There was only an unexpected sense of emptiness.

‘Rebecca is gone. And with another man.’

The image of man and woman holding each other in their arms kept disturbing my mind. Soon, a thick tendon bulged above the back of my clenched hand.

‘Rebecca, you can’t leave me yet.’

Even if she did, it would be this way now. At least for the time she promises to stay in this castle. I had to give myself the slightest chance to catch her.

“Answer me, really, did you try to run away with another man? You did it to punish me because you can put up with it.”

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전남편과 옆집에 살게 되었습니 다
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BumBumBakudan rated it
December 30, 2023
Status: c57
Strongest part of novel is its great writing style, there are a lot of dialogues and there aren't a lot of repetitive inner monologues (except when MC (main character Rebecca) thinks about ML (male lead Cedric) hating her and loving the original-heroine). Story itself is light and has a comedic tone. It keeps reader entertained by having multiple small side-plots, so it feels like that something is always happening (but it is more for comedic effect and rising ML's jealousy, than for developing the main story).

As for the rest, it... more>> comes to the reader's taste. What to expect in this novel:

  • ML who becomes more and more obsessive and jealous of every smallest thing. He was ignoring/hating original Rebecca for last 5 years because he thought that she has evil intentions. Then MC transmigrates, acts cold to him, and demands a divorce. So, he slowly starts to regret ignoring her all this time and becomes obsessed with her.
  • Villains? Nope, they are just minor inconveniences or comedic relief. There was one who attempted to kill her at one point, but that is the only mystery what is going on in the story.
  • Be prepared to turn off your brain. ML kisses MC? That is because of reason X rather than his affection. ML wants to accompany MC? Well, okay, it's because of reason Y. Someone kisses MC's hand and ML takes off MC's glove? Not sure what is happening, but ML looks exceptionally handsome today. ML chases after her to a distant village? He's just being weird. ML asks MC to act like fake lovers in front of everyone even though they are famous for having an awful relationship? Sure, great idea, that way nobody will find out that we have secretly divorced. One thing what really frustrated me was:

MC knows one villain's weak point and threatens her to reveal it, but she never does it, despite the villain ignoring her threats and persistently attempting to sabotage the MC. All MC had to do is to reveal the info to world and that's it, villain would be gone but for some reason she just doesn't do it.


  • Will MC date someone? Nope. There is someone who has a crush on her and even showed her lover flowers and explained their meaning, but MC just thinks that he is a good servant.
  • MC will always thirst for ML. Even though MC makes a resolution to not get involved with ML, as soon as she saws him, she often just stares at ML's face because he is too handsome. Even in chapter 27 she zones out when sees ML.
Weakest point (but it also depends on readers preferences)

  • Main storyline (up to chapter 57). Even though the story has multiple small side-plots, there isn't much going on with the main plot (even in chapter 57, MC hasn't met the novel's heroine and the novel hasn't started yet). In short, up until now the story is about a jealous ML who tries to get back MC, while MC tries to befriend all half-demons so they wouldn't kill her after she leaves ML (in novel she was killed by half-demons after her divorce). She also tries to earn some money so she could live on her own. And that's it. MC instantly shuts down any villain plans and there is no drama, so it feels too peaceful. She always is prepared for any bad situation or perfectly deals with it soon after encountering one. She is just doing her own thing while ML is regretting his choices.
Also, money problem could have been easily solved but for some reason she refused it (yeah, it is one of those 'shut off the brain' moments).


To receive alimony, it will go through family's head. Her tr*sh dad refuses to give it to her so she needs to find a way to get money. ML suggests that he will simply send money to her directly, but she refuses it because she wants to deal with her problem on her own.

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
March 2, 2024
Status: c79
Really interesting its not slow-paced or boring the writing is clear and fun FL trying to run away but still not able to resist her handsome husband's charm is so real I mean if I entered the world y shld I care about the past of of body owner and his relationship if he is good to me I am happy and that's what happens ML falls for FL he is half demon and his instincts and choices are clear so when he falls for her he accepts it instead... more>> of thinking no its not possible. The most fun side character is FLs maid she is a demon expert in poison and she speaks whts on her mind so at times she always talks abut how she planned to poison FL is she changed back to herold self or how she will use posions to help FL its so much fun as they are all demons their rules are different so they are quite fun and aggressive to protect her <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
awramaria rated it
March 31, 2024
Status: --
This is a good story. I really love the author’s writing. It’s easy to understand without getting confused who is talking and also how the author is describing the places, character and emotions. I really do admire that. Story is not boring, it’s really. Interesting. It’s not slow paced nor slow burn romance. I love how the FL and ML are acting as an adult and don’t blush by just everything. There might be some misunderstandings but it gets resolved quickly. Anyway, I highly recommend this novel. Enjoy reading
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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