No Letting My Daughter Sit at the Table? Fine, Then No One Will Eat!


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As Shuiqing opened her eyes, she saw the dilapidated room, half a piece of darkened bread, and five children with malnutrition, their faces full of concern. Eldest sister-in-law sneered, “It’s just a small bump from Sanzhuo. He’s still a child. Why are you making a fuss over a child?”

“They sold the maid to their eldest brother to marry, ensuring the continuation of the fragrance of our old Fan family. That’s your daughter’s blessing,” said another biased mother-in-law.

“This bran is too wasteful to feed the chickens. Mix it in the porridge to supplement your daughter’s nutrition,” said the biased mother-in-law.

“Daughters eating at the table? Our old Fan family doesn’t have such rules!”

Shuiqing thought, Blessing? Do you want this blessing? Rules? Let’s split up! From now on, she’ll make the rules. She’ll protect her daughter herself, and no one can bully her daughter!

After splitting up, Ding! Uncontaminated shiitake mushrooms, 168 yuan per catty, sold? Rice, 2 yuan per catty, purchased? Shuiqing was glad she split from the family, not living with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law. Floods? Crop failures? She used the shopping system to stock up on meat, eggs, rice, and flour, watching her in-laws eat bran to supplement their health.

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June 10, 2024
Status: c350
  • I'm a big poor to rich fan so I clearly enjoyed this. So why did I give it a low rating? The ML or husband or whatever function he is supposed to serve here. Almost 3/4 of the book and still no hint of

    romance, Not even a stolen glance or hand holding or something showing MC and husband are something other than housemates..... Id be fine with the lack of romance if the story didn't start with the implication that it was heading there. I mean why introduce a husband at all? Why not make her widow? ML is more of a prop than an actual human... aside from his scholar reputation he doesn't help MC with anything... he reminds me of those BL shou love interests in transmigration plots that don't really question the MCs bizzare antics or future knowledge, their job is to smile gently and support him.
and it's hella odd that he's never tried to initiate anything with his wife of 10+ years, I mean ML hasn't even touched MCs hand and never questioned why she wanted seperate rooms... he didnt hate the original whose only real fault was being milquetoast so I don't understand why he was ok that one day he went from husband to house buddy?

And the last annoying thing is, we are... more>> told ML is supposedly very passionate about his studies but failed every exam yet we never see him pull up a book once!!We are told he'll one day be a great official but a 15 year old knows more about current affairs than he does.. What exactly was he studying? And the worst part is that his ambitions and career were completely forgotten to help MC reach her potential, he never thinks or speaks about his own career. <<less
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Erumwhat rated it
June 14, 2024
Status: c275
I have mixed feeling with this story. It excels at the business/community aspect, but fails at fleshing out characters. As another review states, what romance? Husband may as well be a prop. Same with her kids. They're often lumped together and only mentioned when work needs to be done. The author doesn't bother to give anyone character unless it becomes a plot point. Otherwise they may as well just be decoration in the background. I feel like we know more about the town idiots than her own family.

It is nice... more>> how the MC builds up the town, but if you're not super into community or economy, you should pass on this. <<less
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Dovah rated it
June 12, 2024
Status: c65
1) Up to chapter 9:

I just wanna say I'm loving the novel already. MC is great & strong with good IQ & EQ. The children are sweet, dependable & united. I disagree with the previous review about ML being a useless prop that doesn't help MC w/ anything. I'm on chapter 9 right now & I already see how essential ML is to the family. Before MC transmigrated, ML was the reliable adult their children wholly trusted & depended on. B/c of him, they grew up sweet, united, with good... more>> morals & no psychological shadow/psychological illness from the emotional ab*se of their relatives & unreliable mom. ML also has sharp eyes, a clear head, is very considerate to his wife & children & isn't blindly filial to the undeserving. He did his best to provide adequate provisions for his family. If not for MC's original host's blind filial doormat attitude, the children wouldn't have grown malnourished/starved & lacking material necessities so badly. Once MC brings up separation, ML instantly pops up without anyone from the family informing him (even though he's supposed to only be home every 3-5 days b/c of his work in the faraway city). Unlike MC aggressively brandishing her claws like a mother eagle trying hard to split the family, ML just needed to smile elegantly & eloquently say a few words to not only get the family safely separated but also get compensation & securing their future from those relatives. He did everything so efficiently/calmly that even MC believes he's already been planning this for a long time. I love this type of ML. MLs don't always need to be totally OP, they don't need to be standing in front playing meat shield, aggressively brandishing their swords in front nor be some loyal muscle head follower or some lustful pe*vert. It's really nice to have our MLs elegantly standing in the back, protecting/raising the kids well & using their skill set along with good IQ/EQ to elegantly/efficiently support/back MC quietly while letting MC lead the family at the front.

2) Up to chapter 16:

ML is such a sweetheart! Being confused about MC's golden finger, the 1st thing he did was worry about MC's safety so offered to work 24/7 to provide for the family. After MC told him about it, he was worried about MC's safety again but he decided to trust her so he agreed to help her cover up. ML has a lot higher insights than the average ancient village bumpkin. I believe this is where the relationship between MC & ML starts. Trust is the foundation of a true love relationship after all. At this point we already know ML is a very responsible dad/husband & he loves his little family or else he wouldn't be so considerate to them in every detail. He proactively brainstorms ideas to increase the efficiency & to eliminate possible risks from using MC's golden finger in the ancient world. The author is probably going for the true love/soulmate route in a more realistic adult/mature version instead of following those well known romance/infatuation troupes. This couple is gonna have their priorities straight.

3) Up to chapter 31:

Love our cute shy beautiful ML so much! Wanna hug him, put him in my pocket & spoil him to death LOL He's also quite open minded. It's funny how MC teaches him about her online shop with presentism business values, but he surprisingly gets it. Our adorable ML is very observant even if he doesn't know much about business so he can easily gather info, analyze & apply everything properly to real ancient life.

Anyways I hope he passes the exams like he was destined to. It's bad enough if you fail your exams multiple times. I'm sure quite a few of us can imagine how devastating it is when everyone around you not only give you that look but also treat/talk to you as if you were some useless failure after that. I wouldn't even want to talk about my studies at all but I'm so glad he brings it up with MC. MC's trust in his future success gave him the hope/confidence to heal his broken heart. Such a sweet couple LOL ML must see MC as an angel by now xD

4) Up to chapter 65:

Gotta say ML is quite capable, he'll make a good official (not the capital/politics playing type but like the ones outside the capital who govern/help the common ppl). Actually if he was born in a good family, he'll be one of those elegant, handsome, gentle, clever, considerate & responsible/reliable gongzi most girls will love. Also, at this point, MC & ML are very good partners in crime, working like spinning tops to build up their little family & trying to help MC's biological family plus the village while they're at it. They are also very appreciative of & trust/support each other. <<less
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