Future Knight


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Code Number UNA-102A, Serial Number 5425582, Captain Kang Chan Awakens in a New World

『Future Knight』

Kang Chan, a future human from Earth, crash-lands due to a sudden accident. All his comrades are dead, and he alone survives.

“Where on earth am I?”

Before his eyes lay an utterly bizarre landscape and incomprehensible beings from another world.

“I will survive and complete my mission at all costs.”

To complete his mission, he must first survive in this place. Combining future technology and the swordsmanship of another world, Kang Chan’s journey of survival as he evolves into a new kind of knight unfolds!

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New Kakipii13 rated it
June 19, 2024
Status: c26
A solid "okay". A really good idea and setup marred by mediocre writing. It has it's high points. and the action and war plotline are good enough that it's actually retaining my interest when I would have otherwise dropped it. I really like the "person from futuristic sci-fi society gets stuck in historical/fantasy society" trope, and I think that this novel actually implements it well. How and why the MC ended up in the fantasy world, how he adapts, and the the foreshadowing of the fallout of his arrival are... more>> done well.

The MC doesn't look down upon the people from the fantasy world for not having futuristic tech and recognizes the knowledge and technology they do have (it helps that they have magic too though), and he doesn't immediately use his way-too-detailed knowledge to open a store and sell his superior modern products to get rich or something. At the same time, MC's own futuristic technology is recognized as being incredible and it isn't made completely obsolete for some reason and is still very much the nuke that could annihilate the planet if put in the wrong hands. That both are valuable makes both the sci-fi world and fantasy world be shown on equal footing in a way.

But there are too many things I find kind of annoying. I find the personality of the MC... unrealistic? I know it's too much to ask for from a series like this, but if the reader wasn't told about MC's traumatic past and "raised to be a human weapon" upbringing you'd never be able to tell. He acts like any other shounen protag. What's the point of a past so dramatic if it doesn't effect him in the present in any significant way? If MC had just been a star recruit in the military of an advanced, warmongering society, the result would have been the same.

The MC has one scene feeling sad about the loss of someone who was supposedly his best friend, but after that once MC never thinks about him again. I realize I'm only 26 chapters in, but this "friend" is given so little thought and forgotten about so immediately that I would be genuinely shocked if he was actually ever mentioned again. Nor is anyone else from MC's past even mentioned in passing even though he was raised in a group of other space marines. If this apathy was there so showcase MC's personality and attitude that would be one thing, but again, the MC acts like a typical shounen protagonist and is very capable of feeling emotions about other people. We're told his past is a big deal which is effecting his actions in the present, but what we're shown is that the past isn't really important and just an excuse for the MC to have epic fighting skills and cool nanobot abilities.

It's just a typical action-y fantasy series aimed at a younger male audience. If you are a person who likes those kinds of series you'll probably like this just fine, it's just not my personal preference. Characterization is pretty meh in general. This is a bigger deal for me because character writing is the most important part of a story to me, so when it's done lazily it irks me more than it might irk other people. If you don't care about characterization as much then you probably won't be as disappointed. Personally, I think it's kind of a 3/5 but I'm giving it a 4/5 out of generosity and also because it somehow is keeping me interested enough to keep up with updates despite everything, which is a feat that deserves an extra star. <<less
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