I Don’t Know Martial Arts, I’m Just Born Strong


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In a world of martial arts, ferocious beasts run rampant!

Jiang He has crossed over into this dangerous world, becoming a mental patient.

“I won’t take medicine!”

“I’m not sick!”


“Take your medication properly, strength +10kg.”

Jiang He: “Sister, can I have another dose of this medicine?”

“My meridians and Qi sea are completely ruined; I can’t cultivate profound martial arts and can only refine my body!”

With a single punch, Jiang He blasts away a royal beast a kilometer long, along with the mountain behind it, and sighs, “I am very envious of you all being able to cultivate Qi and have flashy martial arts moves like turning on special effects… while I only have brute strength!”

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Bootylicious rated it
February 27, 2024
Status: --
Very good great novel masterpiece the authors magnum opus I felt touched by the moonlight and the stars after reading these five chapter body feeling light like a phoenix im racing the dawn traveled the sky understood the universe and its secrets was reborn in to a new body smooth youthful and full of live I think im about to face my final thunder tribulation and turn into a immortal. Anyways 10/10 would read again
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