I Did a Good Job For The Villain’s Early Education


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“Let’s date!”

Because you like me, and I like you too!

On my 10th birthday, along with my past life, I remembered that this world was a romance fantasy novel. In addition to that, my current family will be ruined by the villain! Because of that, my beautiful life at the age of ten had a primary goal: to rehabilitate the villain—the first prince who was abandoned in the palace.

“Oho, you shouldn’t use strength to suppress the weak.”

“Conversation! Conversation! We have the wonderful means of conversation! Always choose to have a conversation first!”

“If the other party is hurt, even out of courtesy, ask if they’re okay!”

Handsome! Well-raised! Someone who likes me so, so much! How could I not like someone like this?

But then… Could it be because he was raised too well?

“I’m sorry, we can’t date right now.”


“To truly earn your love, I must slay a dragon!”

That was something I said randomly while reading a romance novel…!

“I want to become a man worthy of being by your side. So, I’ll catch a dragon!”

Crazy man! How could there be a dragon in this peaceful era!

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흑막의 조기교육을 너무 잘해 버렸다
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