I Decided to Keep a Naive Classmate. Everyday I’m Forced to Stroke


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Arisa Sanaka, whose father is a famous movie director, is a naive little girl.
The reason why I, Yukito Kurosawa, who is just a classmate of hers, “picked” her, who was out of her reach, and decided to live with her older sister in the house of two.

“I ran away from home. Maybe Kurosawa-kun could pick me up. ”

And the days with her that started with her… Wake me up in the morning, do the housework, go swimming in the river in the swimsuit I chose, and at night wear my pajamas on my lap.

“It’s definitely a pat as a reward! Master?”

At school, she’s a “high peak flower”, and at home, she’s a “dog-eared girl who only wants to be petted by me”.

A sweet romantic comedy with such a girlfriend that seems to melt away.

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世間知らずな同級生を、飼うことになりまして。 毎日俺になでなでを強要してきます
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