I Changed the Villain


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“I’ve never seen a woman with hair as red as blood as lady.”

Blood dripped down as if waiting and soaked the floor. Belial held out the blood-stained sword. But Rose couldn’t care less about it because,

“What do you think? Isn’t it as beautiful as lady’s hair?”

Belial Le Serenity.

Because the man that I’ve been looking for such a long time, immediately took an interest in me as soon as he saw me.

I possesed a supporting role in a romance novel. In addition, I would be killed by a villain sub-male before the female lead appears.

By the way,

The very Belial who did not let go of the heroine until the moment of his death,

“You are as quiet as a flower in the field, as dazzling as the sun in the sky, as graceful as a deer playing in the mountains.”

I’m talking about this.

I thought I’d live a rough life and get killed. But it seems that this villain has no intention of killing me.

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악역을 교화시켜 버렸다
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nixfever18 rated it
October 4, 2021
Status: --
The female lead is so funny! Thank you for translating this. Looking forward to more chapters :)
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Meowly29 rated it
October 20, 2021
Status: c7
The MC is so funny, the ML is so cute, and the MC's family so interesting, so far the story is great... Waiting for the next chap to update
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Valleta rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: c13
I'm laughing hard as f*ck while reading this novel. The interaction between the MC and her family is funny as hell. Like:

... more>>

It was amazing how this cold-blooded maniac would change 180 degrees in front of me and only me. As I remembered this, I started to mumble.

“If I look closely, I think he’s kind of cute.”

My brother’s face brightened immediately. He pushed our father away and got up.

“See? You like him for no reason!”


On the other hand, mother and father didn’t say anything after that. They just looked at me with a serious face. Somehow, the atmosphere became worse than before. But my foolish brother who knew nothing immediately picked up his bow.

“Now I will turn that child into a hedgehog... !”

‘Damn.’ A fan hit my older brother’s head again. A black aura suddenly flowed out of my mother.

“Son, what do you mean?”

The mother’s expression was as serious as when she was working. Then my older brother looked up at our mother foolishly.

“Yes... ?”

“You’re still young, so I guess you’re still naive about these things. The reason that Rose just gave us is the most valid reason in the world.”

Our mother then pointed a finger at our father.

“Our marriage partner has to be cute to suit our taste. That’s the truth of life.”

Father immediately turned his head in shame.

“No, I mean the truth is... ”

“It’s not the time to be ashamed!”

My brother looked nervous, and my mother cl**ked her tongue.

“If you don’t receive love from your wife later, it’s because you’re not cute. Why don’t you learn from your father?”

“Are you serious?!”

I also agreed.

“That’s right. You need to be cute.”

“Are you both being serious?!”

I’ve always been serious about everything I do. At the same time, my mother approached me after confirming that I agreed with what she said. My mother reverently wrapped her hands around my shoulder as if she was greeting a comrade.

“After all, you look just like me. I’m so proud of you. You’ve already realized what I realized only after meeting your father.”

My father clasped his cheek and smirked again.

“You too.”

“When will the engagement party be held? Invite your sweet boy to the mansion in the near future. Okay?”

My brother looked scared..!


WHAHAHAHHA! I can't stop laughing. It's so refreshing reading a unique mother character in a novel 'cause mostly are greedy, while this one is kinda savage.

O and another scene I liked.



How long did the silence last? Belial then patted my shoulder.


“Yes, my baby wolf.”

Pfft... The maids quickly covered their mouths. At least those maids whose hands are free managed to survive, but not the servants that Belial brought. They couldn’t cover their mouth as they were holding a lot of presents in both their hands. The servants tried to cover their faces with the gifts, as if to avoid being killed, with a reddened face.

If they want to laugh, they are free to do so. There are times in life when you want to laugh in front of your boss. I decided to leave my seat so that the servants could laugh comfortably. As I pulled the hem of Belial’s robe.

“Let’s go inside, my baby wolf.”

I heard another reaction from the servants again. The servants were now in tears because they could no longer hold back their laughter. As soon as Belial turned around, all the servants collapsed onto the floor. In particular, Mira was hitting the ground with her fists alongside Becky.

Did it hurt that much?

“Oh, Lady Rose. Please stop... ”

“This is not what we wanted... ! But of course, this is good in its own way... !”

It was me who spoke, but the shame was on the onlookers. These people seem to have a high level of empathy. I immediately glanced at Belial. Belial’s face was whiter than ever. I really don’t think I should be here anymore.

They are worried, but Belial is equally worried as them. It would be beneficial to quickly get out of the situation. With that in mind, we entered the mansion. As soon as the doors closed behind us, we heard a roar of laughter from outside. They laughed so loud that we could clearly hear it from inside.

I listened to their laughter and opened my mouth.

“Laughing is good for their health.”

“..... ”

“We are protecting the health of those people. Baby wolf....”


Anyway it's super good, and mc's ignorance and innocence is something that you (i) cannot hate. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ahsirt rated it
February 28, 2022
Status: c13
Female lead is a blunt person but at the same time, you would find it really funny because of her straightforward words. Not to mention the ml, you would be overdose with sugar of him talking to the fl. With the female lead's family, I could say nothing else aside from they are an awesome bunch, especially her brother. Anyways, it's a fun read, well, aside from the part that the FL is a bit empty. However since it's still in the early chapters, we shall wait for the progress... more>> to be certain. Considering all of that, this is worth to try. So please do so and see it for yourself. (^^) <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Warui rated it
January 30, 2024
Status: c81
It's not every day you see depression depicted so well. I don't know if the author has experience or just did their research, but as a survivor I found the MC, Rose, relatable in ways both funny and sad. A few years ago I learned that not everyone knows the feeling of loosing the will to move, and seeing Rose determined to move her arm on the count of three only to fail, just like I used to, was a little bizarre and strangely comforting.

Exposition of Rose's condition is slow,... more>> which allows a relatively lighthearted tone, though it can be a little absurd. I do enjoy how people close to Rose accept her the way she is and don't resent her apathy.

The the translation can be a little strange so it's hard to understand her emotional journey on a deep level. We often play fast and loose with pronouns and subjects, to the point of reversing the meanings of phrases in flashbacks, like "I both love and hate you." vs "You love and hate yourself." Negatives seem to be occasionally missing, too, so I'm often left guessing. It's not an easy read, but I'm enjoying it enough that I don't mind. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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