I Became the Youngest Disciple of Mount Hua Sect


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In a time of uncertain transmigration within a novel read anytime, anywhere, parallel reading is perilous.

“Sect Leader, a newborn was left in front of our gate!”

As a reward for reading both childcare romance novels and martial arts novels brimming with blood, calling for justice and alliances, one may transmigrate into a unique hybrid of martial arts and childcare.

Moreover, it’s not the clichéd daughter of a prestigious family, but an abandoned baby left in front of the treacherous Mount Hua Sect!

“Yes, youngest one! Leaving a legend that wields a sword before taking the first step is what we’re aiming for!”
“Maehwa! If you’re part of the Mount Hua Sect, you must surely bloom Plum Blossoms!”

Don’t create legends of wielding a sword for a baby who can’t even walk.

“We must defeat the Wudang Sect, we must! How long do we have to live hearing that the world’s greatest swordsmanship is associated with the Wudangs!”

Do adults burdening children with excessive responsibilities make any sense?

Even worse, the troublemaker Nangong Family who used to coax me to come to his house when I was young doesn’t recognize me now…

“Is this all the Mount Hua’s Sword has to offer? I had some expectations for the Mount Hua Sect, but it’s nothing special.”

Just don’t speak, okay?

In the future, could you please send only one proper childcare romance novel at a time?


Nangong Family’s Heon suddenly grabbed my shoulders.

“Hey, you… don’t spar with someone else.”
“Do you think that’s possible when my head is spinning from the shock of defeat? Come on.”

Nodding absentmindedly in agreement, Nangong Heon changed the topic.

“Then don’t smile like that after sparring with someone else is over.”

Slowly blinking, he looked down at me with pitch-black pupils.

“Only smile like that when I win.”

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화산파 막내제자가 되었다
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