I Became the Genius of the Gigant Academy


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A gaming addict becomes the Genius of the Gigant Academy.

He was a pro at the game “Gigant Academy” and now he’s in the game as an extra character.

Thinks his abilites are extraordinary?

No way, he’s gonna get even stronger!

To change his destiny! His future!

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기간트 아카데미의 천재가 되었다
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LongXi rated it
September 28, 2023
Status: --
Best mecha web novel currently being translated. Plus translation quality is good and chapters aren’t divided into parts.

The story structure is a typical korean academy trope, so quality of story is surely readable more than most, it’s done well though, there aren’t too much cliche, other than the usual elements of systems and transmigration, or if there are any they aren’t that glaring and blended into the story quite well, so i’d say it’s above average all in all. Lastly, with the added novelty of being a mech focused novel,... more>> it is a great read. <<less
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May 5, 2024
Status: c25
This is just a PSA for anyone reading or thinking about reading this on Infamous-Scans, not an actual novel review. (Although I might add a review at some point. The novel seems decent enough but nothing to write home about so far.)

If anyone is thinking it seems like some stuff is being glossed over or missing, it's because the translation by Infamous-Scans is for some reason skipping parts of the chapters.

I was suspicious of this earlier but it seemed fine enough, until I got to chapter 25 and it... more>> became super obvious, so I went and checked raws and sure enough there were many missing paragraphs.

Well the translation is barely edited MTL anyway and I would've caught up with the 'translation' eventually so it's w/e.

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February 22, 2024
Status: c44
Too few of chapters to be reviewed properly, unless one already read far ahead on the raw site to have some understanding of the story.

So far its the generic academy arc with mech training with too much cliff hanger that uncalled for and one real encounter with enemy forces or more like just a really small skirmish.

Waiting for the "interesting" development as for now the story not really offer much to be interested with only the teachers have too many plans and to little of the expose of the said... more>> "many plans" which make the academy arc boring after the skirmish. <<less
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Marca rated it
February 17, 2024
Status: c45
The reviews under this one are pretty positive so I got unnecessarily hyped before I started reading this.


... more>>

It is mediocre at best.

The harem tag should be upgraded to a "80% of characters are female" tag. It is to the point that a lot of male characters either appear for like literally 2 chapters or don't even have a name (like soldier this, mage that).

And the female characters aren't all that well fleshed out either.

Additionally some female characters are build up and up and then the author completely forgets about them.

The MC doesn't have much of a character either, he is basically a guy who wants to be the main character, is a genius (partly thanks to his system) and still views the surrounding world and its inhabitants as game characters more than actual humans.

The translation is alright but at the same time sometimes it's extremely confusing and you have to edit in your head. <<less
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MarketResearchReading114 rated it
January 16, 2024
Status: --
It's very good, but the problem is that our protag has no flaws, and feels unbeatable. Its sort of a typical problem with power fantasy deals with this genre.

There is a path to doing a power fantasy and getting sense of tension and threat right, but it requires a few more elements, either we care about not so powerful side-characters that we can't always be around to protect or some other element.

Superman exists and the stories have adapted over time to be directed away from a straight on power v... more>> power monster mash. I think that's why this sort of trope feels like it's a bit of a bummer. <<less
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Immortal boomstick
Immortal boomstick rated it
January 15, 2024
Status: c38
Im gonna keep this short and simple

Classic korean academy trope however even thought it uses an overused category in a novel the story it self is very fluid and it seems it the author has a plan for where the story shall go of course this is not even chapter 100 yet so it can go either way.

I suggest you wait before reading this story and wait for it to be translated by another site cause damn they really wanna force ads down your throat, they directly without you doing... more>> sh*t or clicking on your screen redirect you to other sites so yeah the site is shiet honest opinion if you know a site that steals this novel and posts it elsewhere ill go there. <<less
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Arthas rated it
November 18, 2023
Status: c23
Honestly speaking, it's very average academy novel with average characters and cliche situations. Mecha which works with magic... Well, that's some strange combination. Like, we already have Mobuseka (The World of Otome Games is Tough For Mobs) which also goes to the same genre and was unique compared to other novels at that time (because it started trend of saving villainess and etc). As for this one, there is nothing new. MC? He isn't a pushover but he also not unique and interesting. FML? Well, they did nothing interesting for... more>> now.

For who this novel? For people who can easily read korean academy novels with super talented MC, which also gets on top of that game system and quests.

Who MUSNT read this novel? For those who aren't interesting in average story with typical academy and other tropes.


Man.... This "super talented" MC just wins everything with his gimmick abillity which he got from quest and on top of that, it called "shadow step". I just completed reading all chapters and cringed from this... Who in the right mind, would make "shadow step" which isn't shadow at all, as skill for mecha which isn't only for it and also can be used without it???

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