I Became the Daughter of My Disciple


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The great archmage Sherina.

But that too was a mere illusion. In reality, she was used for the Ilnord Empire, only to ultimately meet her demise by the hands of the Ilnord Empire.

In fact, she wanted to end everything and willingly embraced death.

However, just one thing.

Just before closing her eyes for the last time, she remembered the words of her disciple, whom she had raised in the mountains, had said before leaving.

“I’ll definitely come back, just wait and see!”

…Ah, surely, he won’t really come back. With that thought, she closed her eyes.


It should have been the end.

I’m sure that I’ve died, but somehow I’ve been reincarnated into a world that has passed 20 years since my death!

“Ah… Ababa…?”

Have I, a former archmage, become a helpless newborn?

Moreover, the person claiming to be my dad is an emperor.


That damn disciple!

To think that I became my disciple’s daughter. This is unacceptable.

What on earth happened after I died?

And why are you… looking at me with such a burdened gaze?

“Certainly, you seem to have eaten and pooped well all this time. Your balance is good, and your leg strength too.”

While saying that, he grabbed both my feet and jiggle-joggled.

“Very warm too.”

What on earth is he doing! He even patted my bottom! Can’t you remove that hand?

…I never expected to experience such humiliation.

But why are you, my disciple, smiling so happily, promising to take care of me?

This is disgraceful!

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제자의 딸이 되어버렸다
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