I Became A Collaborative Character In The Game


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Yunho Lee played games of all backgrounds, including science fiction, fantasy, and military. One day, I woke up and found myself in the world of the fantasy action game Dragon Hunter 3. But- [Now Loading…] [Homunculus equipped with 9th generation nanomachines] [Universal doll decisive battle weapon Luther Lightseeker] What is this? Wasn’t this Dragon Hunter 3? Why is the character Star Savior? I entered the game, but it’s a different game with different characters? What collaboration event is this? Where else can you find something like this? “It’s rather good.” A SF character in a fantasy game. Isn’t this a complete scam? Fantasy survival story with nanomachines. [Became a collaboration character in the game]

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게임 속 콜라보 캐릭터가 되었다
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