I Asked Him to Be My Pretend-Boyfriend but After a While I Fell for Him, but I Can’t Seem to Admit That Fact!


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By a twist of fate, I became friends with a plain-looking guy in my class, named Asai. As we talked, I realized Asai was an incredibly funny person. And somehow, He ended up becoming my pretend boyfriend.

However, with each passing day, my feelings for Asai grew stronger. Being someone with no experience in romantic relationships, I couldn’t bring myself to honestly convey my feelings to Asai.

Besides, I had asked him to be my boyfriend, and now… I can’t just suddenly say I’ve seriously fallen for him!

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1 Review

Nov 16, 2023
Status: c23
This novel is basically written like the usual harem romcom but it's quite refreshing because we only have the pov of the "main heroine" of story and as for their relationship

I'm rather surprised we didn't get any drama or whatever that drags out the story so the early confession scene is quite nice (it's in chapter 20+)

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