I Am the Youngest Daughter of Murim’s Strongest, the Namgung Clan


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Everyone in the Namgung Clan despised me. It was a life in which I was shunned even by my siblings.
However, the moment the whole clan had been exterminated, the one whom my siblings chose… wasn’t the clan, but me.

“I’ve never even once thought that you weren’t my family.”
“Live. Even if it’s a shameful and dirty life. Live, Ahee.”

How come you guys saved me?
Revenge was achieved while I carried that question in my heart my whole life.
At that end, I finally closed my eyes, and after that.


I ended up turning back time!


If it’s martial arts, then it’s martial arts, if it’s money, then it’s money, if it’s strategy, then it’s strategy.
I decided to help my siblings who possessed outstanding talents and protect the Namgung clan this time.
But it’s weird.

“Ahee likes me the most.”
“What are you talking about. She likes me more than you, who knows nothing but duties of the Head of the Clan.”

My older sister and brothers, whom I had thought hated me, are now arguing over me, and are fretting that they can’t give more to me.

“Wait for me, Master. Since I’ll be back with proper prey in my mouth. Don’t hang around in unnecessary places.”
“If I come back after finishing the thing I’ve been told to do but then see s*upid things get tangled up next to you, I’ll go crazy, you know.”

…Somehow, it seems I also gained one dangerous subordinate who considers himself as a dog while smiling impertinently?

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무림최강 남궁세가 막내딸입니다
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1 Review

Jan 30, 2024
Status: c14
So far so good! Even in her 2nd attempt at life it's the dangerous game of politics and action! I'm looking forward to more of this story in the future!

A more detailed review to come after more chapters are released!
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