Hunter of the Forbidden Region


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Every being has a spirit. Inevitably there will be some individuals, or some incidents, that we have never came across.

Six years ago, it was rumored that a mystical giant python was facing it’s transformation. The news attracted hunters all over the world to Kunlun Mountain. At the end, the giant python died and Lin Shuo was the only hunter who survived and had since retired into the remote mountains.

Six years later, a piece of giant python scale appeared in front of Lin Shuo. The giant python who had failed to transform survived.

Lin Shuo decided to embark on a journey again in order to find out the truth from six years ago.

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03/23/19 c4.2
03/22/19 c4.1
03/20/19 c3.2
03/16/19 c3.1
03/15/19 c2.2
03/15/19 Fringe Manatee c2 part2
03/12/19 c2.1
03/12/19 Fringe Manatee c2 part1
03/09/19 Fringe Manatee c1 part2
03/08/19 Flying Saucer Translation c1 part1
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