How to Survive as the Villainous Younger Sister


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I thought I had been reincarnated as the youngest precious daughter of the Duke, the father who loved me to death.
Until I discovered my big sister glaring at me…!

“Cyrilla, you’ve taken everything away from me. My position, the love of my family, and even my life!”

The person I possessed wasn’t the protagonist walking in a flowery path in a childcare story; instead, I was the wicked sister in a revenge story. The ending was obviously my demise!
I don’t want to die like that in this life!

“Big sister, let’s get along well…”

But my sister, who was already killed by Cyrilla and is in her second life, is utterly indifferent.
Sometimes she would say,
“I picked this up on my way here. You can eat it or not.”
And would throw me a cookie……

Alright, I give up on getting close to my big sister!
I’ll pave a path of flowers in front of her and escape quietly as soon as I become an adult!
… is what I thought.

The crown prince who hid his identity
“If you’re driven out of your family, I’ll take you and let you live with me.”
And hovered by my side.

“Who said you could leave my side? I will never allow it.”

And even my sister, who I thought hated me, is acting strangely.

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악역 동생이 살아남는 법
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Aug 07, 2023
Status: c5
So far the story and premise is interesting. I love how they combine both historical and the system kind of plot. I only read translated chapters so not sure how the story will play out but so far I love it.
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