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For some reason, twenty-year-old Hahyun, who has given up on dancing, is asked by his uncle, a broadcast station PD, to participate as a substitute in the idol debut program ‘SurvivalID’. He thought he would be easily eliminated due to the condition of participating in the full-edited program, but the reaction is surprisingly intense. With a single profile picture that turned the internet upside down, Hahyun, who raised his name in the debut rights rankings, gets closer to debuting against his will.

After much consideration, Hahyun, who decided to take the program seriously and gave up on dropping out, eventually makes his debut. He expected it wouldn’t be smooth sailing, but…

“Can’t I do what I love, though?”

Right after his debut, he is confessed to by a member who became part of the same group.

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ขอโทษที พอดีผมไม่อยากเป็นไอดอล
데뷔를 피하는 방법
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Oceanskyice rated it
June 5, 2021
Status: c35
Hhhhh I've been waiting for this for so long, and it's finally here!

It's the story of a young man named Hahyun who gave up dance due to undisclosed reasons, and is forced to participate in a idol group making show (like produce 101) by the order of his uncle. His internal monologue is incredibly reluctant, and you can really feel how much he wants to leave. Overall, I like it so far—our MC has a hidden weapon, but isn't immune to stage fright like so many other mcs.

Fighting, translators and... more>> readers!

edit as of ch 35:


it's been revealed that the mc's reason for leaving dance, despite loving it, is burnout and dancer's (?) block. Honestly, I find it really relatable. Overworking yourself for the love of the craft and then suddenly, because of that overworking, losing your ability to do that craft is devastating. The MC has done dance his whole life, and stumbling like that is enough to shake anyone's resolve. When you do anything for a long time and you take pride in it, it becomes your identity—and so for hahyun, this show and dancing once again is like him finding himself again.


About the mc's motivations in the actual competition show:


this can be a positive or negative for you, but hahyun eventually does go along with his uncle to strive for debut as the show goes on. Personally, it was disappointing to me to see the premise dropped so quickly (and I liked reading about viewers whining about not finding the MC in any footage lol) but I enjoyed the character development that came with.


the relationships between all the characters are interesting, and I really like the dynamic between the MC and ML (who is really cute). The MC is a bit of a recluse so he acts like a boomer and I think it's endearing

really looking forward to how the show goes! <<less
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