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Lee Suan is the main vocalist of a popular Korean idol group of 7 years, “iridescent”. At the young age of 27, he decides to retire after 7 years of his life as an idol, which was filled with rumours of conflict and exclusion within the group. After a successful retirement press interview, he comes home and falls asleep while reading the news article regarding his retirement. When he wakes up, he realises that he has travelled back in time to before his debut!

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힐링 라이프를 위하여
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macy2 rated it
February 22, 2019
Status: c9
Was interesting at the beginning. But as I read on, I start to dislike it more and more. But take note as of this review only 9 chapters have been translated. This review may be subjected to change.

Basically the plot goes like this: MC apparently was overbearing in his last life and hogged all the limelight. Given a second chance, he decides to fix his past mistakes by sharing the limelight (and pretty much trying to blend into the shadows for himself).

Great. Or so I thought; here's my problem.

First, the... more>> "overbearing, limelight hogging" persona is just a paper front, a plot device, to make his current persona have reason. It literally holds ZERO meaning other then that. You literally see none of it, and there's not a speck of it in the current MC. In fact the MC's character might as well be a complete stranger.

And that's my problem, the MC is too different to his old persona. People don't fundamentally change and if they do a core of resemblance remains. The MC in my opinion doesn't represent someone repenting and hence the change. It's more like I implanted memories of person A into B; B using the memories made decisions based on it but has their own unique personailty.

Next, the 'groupmates'. Why are they so clingy (the child kind and mothery kind) ? The MC doesnt remember this in his first life (before they hated him) and there's no concrete reason given. They are clingy as soon as the "official" introduction was made. It's shounen ai I guess. But I dont find it cute or fluffy when they act like children pleading for attention ("but I wanted to sit next to him") for no given reason. But at the same time they all treat the MC like a precious child? But it goes because the plot dictates it. And although the MC dislikes it, he _?__ (MC doesnt exactly endures, fight, is angered, is annoyed, tries to prevent, tolerates, protests, lives through it like maytr?) it? He's just there, and it just happens basically.

Next, as you read on. You start to find that the MC doesnt seem to have motivation or much of a voice. And although things happen and the MC does take an active role and complain internally; he also feels like a house plant oddly enough (just there... photosynthesizing) As harsh as it sounds; the MC has a very dull personality. I'm wondering how will a romantic relationship develo. later on (although it seems more like an unwanted male harem rn).

Also, you would think this guy is at least mature being mentally older then he physically is. All I can say is: Nope. Remember the memory implant thing? Add that the memories have no emotional significance to it.

In a nutshell; keep your expectations low. <<less
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katren rated it
March 9, 2019
Status: c15
The plot has holes so big you could drive a truck through them, but the overall story is so sweet and fluffy that I don't mind.

The writer has no idea what length of time it takes to do anything (seriously? Writing the song lyrics in one go and having it immediately accepted?) and very little clue about how the idol industry works. The characters are cute though. Turn off your brain for this one. It's a good mindless fluffy read with sweet characters.
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vasiliassy rated it
February 12, 2019
Status: c5
Very fluffy story, MC who in the past is hated by all of his member idol, become loved by all of his member when he time traveled, because he want to come out from entertainment idol so he make his member shine in the first debut song of member, and make he himself in shadow. He didn't know the member thinks he was kind hearted and didn't egoist, hmm I think he was labeled as a good boy or adorable boy too. So all the member pampered him.
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rhianirory rated it
March 19, 2019
Status: c18
unlike a lot of rebirth type novels the MC isn't magically distanced from the experiences of his first time around as soon as he gets his second chance, nor does he become a cold revenge driven nutjob. Instead the MC is bewildered, there was no distinct baddie to focus hate and take out his frustration on, and no one person to face slap and blame in order to feel better. He's full of confusion at the differences between reality and what he remembers and hurt because of what happened between... more>> them all the first time around.


the MC was at fault in the beginning, (partially; usually lyric distribution is decided by the people in charge and not the debuting group members themselves), with him being an arrogant musical genius who's oblivious and very bad at interpersonal communication, with a tendency to keep things to himself. But even once he repented the past and apologized, no one was willing to forgive (it had been 3 years since they debuted by then). Even when he wrote songs for them they isolated and bullied him and there was so much pain on both sides that by the time he retired he was exhausted and done with it all.


at the moment he hasn't used his foreknowledge for anything; no buying stocks or magically remembering lotto numbers from seven years ago or anything like that (he has neither money or free time anyways). Mostly he's so busy and exhausted that he's just going with the flow, but his inner voice is often funny and, as someone else pointed out, our MC is a very unreliable narrator. Some things he remembered completely wrong and some of what he thought happened one way actually happened differently. I'm curious to see things develop and wonder how this whole harem thing will be played out, since the book cover is him and his two roommates but the other group members love him as well. They take everything his does to get out of the spotlight as him sacrificing his chances for everyone else and even tell him its ok to be a little greedy, which confuses him all over again.

this story is interesting enough that I would love to MTL it if I could find it online with chapters I could actually access. I'm also curious if this is a true harem ending or if it's a Japanese type harem story where everyone likes him but he ends up with one person at the end. <<less
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ike_00000 rated it
July 18, 2019
Status: c18
First of all this is definitely targeted towards a younger audience. It's a pretty cheesy harem story. It's very true to its target audience.

That said, there's still some annoying points. MC's thinking is just too hard to believe; he says it was all his fault but he also blames the members for being two-faced? This MC seriously doesn't know how to communicate at all, especially in his past life, not at all like someone who's been an idol for many years (why on earth did he think his last 3... more>> years were a good idea if he wanted to repay them?? And the years before that too, why'd he hog when he didn't even wanna go solo??).

He's also such a pushover MC, very very passive. Honestly the whole premise is too unbelievable, why would the company like one guy who doesn't even score high on appearances take up the whole spotlight for the group? And if that's the case, fans would typically blame that person for not letting others shine. His personality is far too detached from the one the story implies. This setup is contradictory and ridiculous.

Also, the harem was way too easy. Basically he goes back in time and they're all in love with him already, even though that wasn't the case the first time this happened. Furthermore, what's up with his image of a tiny person?? How would company have let that type of person center, and it just feels too much like the story is trying to push the typical image of weak tiny bottom x all the tall strong tops. The height and stature difference is just too much.

However, target audience would definitely still find this an enjoyable read. It's very light. <<less
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February 24, 2019
Status: c9
Male MC reincarnated, change his old selfish way, and become loved by his groupmate.

From reading several translated chapters, I can't help but think that the main character has it too easy. He went back to the time when he was still a trainee with other members, yet the impression from his groupmate feels like they just met him and he could establish a new image quickly. All of his action was viewed in a positive light, he became loved, and so on. I know that in redo novel the MC... more>> is supposed to be more loved and op, but right now there's no conflict or sense of urgency that moved the plot forward and make the story interesting. There's only MC is so cute~ moment since all of his previous bad impression is already erased.

The MC didn't want to get spotlight so he didn't get hated, but people around him just think he's a big tsundere. It's ok if you are reading the novel for cute moe guy doing bl moe stuff, I guess <<less
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Emylin rated it
May 16, 2019
Status: c18
I really liked this story, it's just bad that it hasn't been updated since it stopped at such good point.

... more>>

Basically the story is about a guy who struggled in the entertainment industry for 7 years? I'm not sure. When he was young, he was arrogant, self centered and egoistical brat who though he could use his group as a stepping stone to raise in life, unfortunately, he suffered with an accident and when he finally realized the value of his group mate, the relationship between him and the rest of the members could no longer be restored.

When he finally gave up his career and the group and decided to retire, he wakes up right before their debut. At this point he alread had another mentally, tired with the struggle in the entertainment industry and no longer feeling like pursuing a musical career, all he wants is to fade out and just chill, having no ties with this complicated industry.

Unfortunately for him, he already signed the contract and he is tied to Irisdecent for the next few years, so he decided to take another approach, let the rest of the members take the limelight and he would just mop in the shadows, and as soon as he can he would break the contract and retire, cutting his ties with this industry like we wants to.

But, well, nothing goes according to his wishes. In this new present, he is seen as a kind hearted senior who is actually cold on the outside but warm inside, a classic case of tsundere, and his bandmates are deeply attracted by this senior of them who seen to be adorable. This brings new revelations about his relationship with the rest of the members, and a completely new dynamic to the group.

Not used to being pampered, trusted and relied on, our MC is deeply stressed by this new side of his old group mates, furthermore, this group mates are kind enough to make sure the MC has his share of limelight, even though he says he doesn't need it...


The best part, now that he finally exploded and lashed out, the story stopped updating... Please... Update... I need to know the rest... <<less
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Eovin rated it
February 19, 2019
Status: c8
I love this story! It seems to be the fun misunderstanding kind of story, it's similar in that aspect to The Villain's White Lotus Halo, which is absolutely glorious! Also, it looks like instead of 1 ML we get 4, a whole harem.)

Our MC is quite cute. He is a calm, tired-of-this-sh*t kind of protagonist who just wants to quit and doesn't want to be in the spotlight. He is also the oblivious s*upid kind of genius character. By that I mean he is a genius in music (singing,... more>> writing lyrics, etc.), but he is bad with people and interactions which means he is often misunderstood and he can be a bit dense when it comes to people.

The reason why vertios found the attitude of his bandmates towards him different from what he himself claimed to be true is tied to my previous statement. Basically, our MC is an unreliable narrator. Actually, if you pay attention to his internal monologues it's pretty obvious, especially since in the latest chapter (8) we got the thoughts of the group on him. Lee Suan, our MC, is a VERY unreliable narrator. Why? Because he confessed that before he went back in time during this original period of time he did not pay any attention to his bandmates. He ignored them for years. He is basing his opinion of them and their feelings towards himself from the end of their time together as a group when they all hated him for his previous actions.


Their hatred in the original timeline is justified. Before the accident where he lost his voice, our MC was a typical extremely self-absorbed and arrogant genius who horded the limelight and reduced the rest of the group to back-up singers/dancers to the point where all the fans felt that they were irrelevant and our MC was the only one with the talent. He ignored them and their opinions, and did what he wanted even though he wasn't the official leader of the group, he acted like he was and made all the decisions.

After the accident he realized that he was in the wrong and tried to apologize and make up for it by writing them songs, but it was already years too late. They grew bitter and resentful, so it was impossible to mend the bridges and he decided to quit. He did keep trying for a year or two, if I am not mistaken, before giving up and quiting. And that's when he actually started paying attention to them and learned all those things he knows about them now.


Our MC claimed that they disliked him since trainee days, yet we know now that according to the rest of the members he never talked to them back then and just seemed cold and quiet. One of the biggest hints we get that his view on the events might not be the truth is in the chapter where they are recording their debut song. One of the members adresses our MC as Suan-hyung (which is a respectful form of adress if I am not wrong) and our MC is surprised because in his time he did not do it. Then he recalled that the same thing happened in the previous timeline when they just became the group, but after a few months he stopped calling him that. Which means that originally his bandmates did not hate him and even made some efforts to be friendly but he was the one who ignored them and brushed them off, so after a while they gave up and grew bitter.

The story is actually quite fluffy so far, and the misunderstandings were great. Our MC is trying to get out of the spotlight and make everyone leave him alone, but to everyone else, who can not hear his internal reasonings and monologues, he just appears very shy and awkward and sweet. His appearance is not helping him any, so with each new action he just diggs his grave deeper and deeper. His budding harem is very impressed))) <<less
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mayamaya rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: c18
I like it. Wish it would update more... I like the MC even though his a bit cold to his groupmates but I really want to read more! The MC is cute even though his not acting like one. His groupmates are adorable! They're so worried to him and taking care of him like acute little brother haha! Hope this will update.
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Bears111 rated it
March 5, 2019
Status: c14
I'm enjoying this novel a lot. The concept is nice, not a lot of Kpop idol travelling back to the past novels on this site and I really do enjoy the concept of this story. So far I'm enjoying all the characters although it's a bit confusing so far to differentiate all of them apart, just like in real life lol, but I'm slowly getting there. The misunderstanding is great and I'm looking forward to the reaction of their fans and how our MC will get even more attention that... more>> he doesn't want. Really hoping that this is a real harem novel as I can already tell that I'll be loving all the band members (just like in real life) and if there's only one love interest in the end then boy will I be conflicted. So far the interactions are sweet and our MC is clueless as to why everyone seems to treat him so well and is pretty sure that no one will notice him and he'll just fade into the background, which is another misunderstanding that I like. So far enjoying this novel and the translator seems to have a pretty stable schedule and good quality translations!

Don't expect too much realism though lol. As stated by another reviewer it's a story where you just kinda turn your brain off at all the illogical events and enjoy the fluff. <<less
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Briai rated it
February 23, 2019
Status: c9
I'm enjoying the fluff! The MC learned to regret in his last life but by the time he got to the point of relizing his wrongs, it was already too late to be trusted again by his group members. He woke up in the past in a time where his relationship with the other members had not been cemented and the bad impressions they had immediately overturned into fluff. The MC, having been isolated by them in his last life, is at a loss at how to deal with them... more>> now that they like him. He is tired from constantly working in his last life and has trouble working up the energy to refute them as well.

So far, I'm continually re-reading chapters waiting updates. <<less
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vertios rated it
February 18, 2019
Status: c7
It was half decent. The story was confusing and way too fast paced. The names were also confusing. I felt like it all went by too fast and I didn't understand their sudden change of attitude. The MC mentioned that his groupmates disliked him ever since their trainee days, all of a sudden they all start to change after just one brief day and incident. Other than that, I like the MC's personality. He's cold and dislikes bothersome things but it perceived as adorable and shy. Hopefully it'll get better... more>> soon. <<less
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April 11, 2019
Status: c10
I stopped reading since I felt like I was reading a fanfiction written by a preteen/teenager. At first, I was interested as the genre is my favorite which is 'Showbiz/Entertainment/Celebrity' but the story feels so shallow. The MC who's supposedly hated was suddenly adored and pampered by pretty much everyone. The dialogue dominates the story without any exacting details making it hard to distinguish who is talking. As I said, it really feels like I am reading fanfiction on fanfiction. Net/Wattpad. It's not that there is no good fanfiction but... more>> this one just feels so juvenile. <<less
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February 25, 2019
Status: c10
So far really cute and I love the misunderstandings. The MC is a reborn person who doesn't want to be the main character/attraction of his debut team. The story has the four other members paying attention to him, thinking he's a tsundere. Story has potential, but is still in it's early stage. If someone could let me know where I can read the raws, it would be most appreciative.
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Sloth02 rated it
November 26, 2019
Status: c22
It's fluffy and not too complicated, a nice read.

MC wants to amend his past mistake— more specifically retire from the entertainment industry which pushes him to make his bandmates take the limelight while he tries to blend in the background. It's cliché, and sometimes you can't help but roll your eyes at how obvious he acts or how fast the other guys "fall" for him.

The relationship between MC and his bandmates is a bit too fast-paced, the speed at which they develop feelings for MC is unrealistic and only one... more>> of them seems legitimate. Well, at that point in the story I doubt there is any "real" romantical love, I like to believe it's more of a blend of affection and gratefulness with specks of Mary Su hallo effect.

All in all, I would recommend it, though do not expect to see entirely translated anytime soon as it seems that is was dropped for copyright reasons. <<less
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Aki9012 rated it
April 22, 2021
Status: c22
If you're looking to read something that's wholesome, bubbly and plain s*upid, this one's a good read.

Not gonna lie, the plot of For My Healing Life primarily depends on it's plot holes. Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike the story, but I just can't take anything in it too seriously. The fluff makes up for the meh story for me tho.

The MC goes back in time and tries to redeem himself (and be sorta self-degrading?) instead of going on a full revenge vendetta, which is a concept I liked;... more>> however, the story does lack any real sustenance.

That said, keep in mind that I haven't read the most of this novel yet. <<less
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GhostlyGuest rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: c22
I fell in love with this book since the first time i've read the summaries. I didn't know that the actual story so far would be even more amazing! It is such a nice novel that I would a hundred percent recommend it to all the yaoi, BL, idol, rebirth lover.

NOOOO! Translators please don't abandon this novel! I beg you. Or please someone pick up this novel and continue on translating it.
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sleepibunni rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: c22
It's really cute, some things are really hazy at the moment but its really just a ball of fluff!
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