Honey Butter Prince


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A senior at the Academy, Rebecca Zion.
Every time she sees Prince Lance, her stomach churns.

-The Prince, doesn’t he look cheesy?

-Not at all?

My friends disagreed with me.

I became the Prince’s partner in art class.

I feel nauseous whenever I look at his face, but I can’t believe I have to draw a portrait!

-What should I do? Tomorrow is the due date for the assignment, but it is still not complete.

Despairing from the crisis of failure, the Prince whispered to her.

-See you in the art room later tonight. Without anyone knowing.

You’re definitely going to be a model, aren’t you?

But Rebecca, who visited the art room in the middle of the night, found him.

-Beck, have you ever tried anything like this?

A seductive prince!

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Prince Honey Butter
허니버터 왕자님
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3 Reviews

New FreyjaVanadi
Sep 30, 2022
Status: Completed
This was good but kind of confusing. I ended up going down a rabbit hole looking up what the connotations of butter and cheesy were in Korean. It seems to mean smooth, trying too hard to be fluent in English or act too American, overly friendly (often in a flirtatious way), and certain facial features (longer face, deep-set eyes, fuller lips) - the last two tend to specific to men. So at least now I have a better understanding of the title - he's the Honey prince because everyone thinks... more>> his personality is sweet and wholesome, but to the MC he's trying too hard to be nice - hence the Butter Prince.

ML is projecting an image of himself as cultured and upstanding, carrying around his poetry book and dressing very neatly - projecting the image of the perfect prince and gentleman, when in reality he's somewhat vulgar and always thinking about how to get the MC in bed with him. ML does love her - and is actually acting like that to romance her - but she sees RIGHT through him and realizes the image he projects is not who he really is.

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Aug 08, 2022
Status: Completed
It's strange how the female protagonist who once hated the prince to the point of vomiting at the sight of his face, suddenly changes her mind and can love him.

Looks like he used some kind of manipulation on her, or maybe she's just a bit*h who saw that it was convenient for her to be with the prince since he has what she needed most: Money.

This story is bad in every way, it is poorly explained the author has achieved the great feat of making a work of four... more>> chapters meaningless, <<less
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Aug 31, 2022
Status: epilogue
It's a very short story so I didn't expect character development but I did expect the characters to be likeable. I didn't really find that to be the case.

I happen to be single, still a stressed out student concerned about getting high enough GPA and am very introverted, but reading FL makes me feel uncomfortable. As she is not charming, and somehow still unrelatable. The pairing of these two just make me like: ??? I can't see any reason why either of them would grow to like eachother.

Translation is also... more>> lacking in places. One part referred to Rebecca as a Korean-American, and a number of passages are kind of incoherent. It does seem like they did try at least a bit so an extra star for that. <<less
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