His Green-Eyed Lover and the Phantom of the Festival


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The cobbled roads of Enid where horse-drawn carriages travel ・Lavilio City

A hotblooded Raymond was assigned to a special bureau in the police department that was in charge of exterminating a blood-sucking monster known as ‘Genty.’ At a secret evening party where Genty are rumored to frequent, Raymond meets Oliver, a skilled hunter who specializes in hunting down those monsters. Raymond, for some reason, gets partnered with Oliver, the melancholic and beautiful young man, yet unfriendly and with a sharp tongue, and gradually finds himself getting enchanted by his green eyes. However, Oliver refuses to acknowledge Raymond.

One day, Oliver brings up the fact that ever since he was a young child, he’s been followed around by a Genty and that anyone that gets close to him is killed.

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miyabichama rated it
January 8, 2024
Status: Completed
Hello~ Translator here! I’m really excited about bringing this story to you guys. From the plot, to the characters and the main couple’s dynamic, I loved everything about it.

I was initially art baited (as I hope many of you will be because this cover art is gorgeous!!), but luckily the story ended up being engaging. Since it’s a light novel and relatively short, there’s not quite much to it. As the summary says, it’s about a detective/police officer, Raymond (the MC) discovering the world of Genty (very-vampire-esque type of monsters... more>> but not quite) when he’s assigned to a new department. He meets Oliver, the blond beauty on the cover and the one with the gorgeous green eyes, who is an expert hunter of Genty. They work on the major case together and kiss kiss fall in love eventually (not quite like that!)

A little spoiler –


Their first time is under dubious circumstances. Raymond unknowingly drinks an aphrodisiac-like-drink at the event they investigate and the effects eventually show up while they’re the only two in the police station. Oliver goes to... lend him a hand but then it leads to lending each other a hand. Ahem. It happens a second time again under similar circumstances mostly started by the aphrodisiac effects and it leads to more.


Overall, they have a very fun dog-and-cat type of dynamic which is my absolute favorite. Raymond is hot-headed and ‘gets irritated’ a lot but he’s like a giant puppy, hoping that Oliver will look at him. Oliver is your typical cat- stubborn, does whatever the hell he wants, and very tsundere. (Also is a lover of sweets and food in general!) They have only a two year difference between them and a shared past (traumatic for one) event.

Also spoiler about the ending but not quite a spoiler –


The novel ends in a sort of but not quite open ended way? It can be taken both ways, I think. To me personally, it’s a perfect ending. But I read some reviews on Japanese websites, and I guess the ending makes people wish there was a sequel. I can see the possibility of a sequel happening, but in my opinion it would kind of drag out the story instead. So to me, I like how the novel ends. It has the right amount of everything and doesn’t lack anything!


But it’s happy ending (yes the main couple gets together, despite our Oliver being quite the tsundere, he’s actually such a sweetie!! I just want to squish him!!!) If you’re like me and need the couple together to count as a happy ending, then rest assured! (Otherwise, I also would not have read this novel)

Since I notice there are not as many Japanese BL light novel translations (as opposed to other novels) being translated on here, I hope to continue to bring some good undiscovered stories to you guys. So please give it a read if it sounds like your cup of tea. <<less
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