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Professor of Medicine with Gao Leng Poison Tongue × Rare Disease Gene Carrier Warm and cute, cured, dedicated, and guarding her. She thought her life had already been seen at a glance, but he gave her a romantic and grand future. “You clearly know that I have no future to speak of…” “Su Wei’an, you don’t need a future, because I am your future.” What he wanted was not the joy of passing by, but the ability to stand together through the storm.

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Love is panacea
Zhi Yu Zhe
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1 Review

Oct 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Total 13 chapters + 1 epilogue

Translation rating :2

Story rating :4

This story focuses alot on Huntington's disease. Romance 50%, medical jargon 50%. Love the ML in this story but the story is too short. There's no logical progression in their romance. They just met each other and ML initially doesn't even like FL but suddenly, he falls in love with her???? How??? Why??? Despite this, the story is very emotional. Prepare Kleenex!! You can feel FL's helplessness and despair and her change of attitude, determination and courage to face the future... more>> bolstered by ML's domineering love for her. <<less
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