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With hearts united, dispelling the smoke of war, riding joyfully on the vast plains with the spring breeze! He, a young hero with hidden brilliance and extraordinary talents; she, a woman of surpassing wisdom and a heroine in her own right. Despite their differences in identity and position, the two engaged in several rounds of wits and martial contests. Yet, they discovered that in terms of strategy, martial prowess, and intellectual acumen, they were evenly matched, each other’s lifelong formidable adversary. As they faced challenges and adversities, they gradually found themselves deeply drawn to one another. They pledged to join hands and traverse the world together… Until the realm was at peace, and side by side, they would roam and revel in the vast plains!

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Le You Yuan
Wonderland of Love (Drama)
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12/09/23 Happy Place Safe c1 part5
12/09/23 Happy Place Safe c1 part4
12/08/23 Happy Place Safe c1 part3
12/08/23 Happy Place Safe c1 part2
12/07/23 Happy Place Safe c1 part1
12/07/23 Happy Place Safe introduction
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