Hagakure Sakura Does Not Lament


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The world changed the day that cracks appeared in the sky– suddenly monsters named『Demonic Beasts』appeared and began to rampage, attacking people.

Meanwhile, girls called『Magical Girls』began to appear to counter the demonic beasts. As they defeated the demonic beasts, gradually people’s lives gained a semblance of composure.

–but when there is light, there is also darkness.

In the corner of an alleyway, a boy who had been attacked by a demonic beast was dying. His voice begging for help did not reach anyone and his body refused to move.

「Boy. Do you want to be saved?」

Looking into the boy’s face, a black cat began to speak to him.

The boy nodded firmly to the devilishly sweet invitation, in response the black cat mocked him.

「Is that so—then I’ll【Haunt (Save)】you」

—on that day, a『Magical Girl』was born in a place that no-one knew.

『She』never laments, no matter what the future may bring.

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Hagakure sakura wa nagekanai
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Cookmeal rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: c105
I gg translated this till chapter 105. Missing out on a lot of info, but I still find the novel interesting nonetheless. To be honest, I don't like the magical girl theme in any of my reading novels, but this novel sculpts another side of that kind of shine and sunny theme and keeps me hooked. For the detail, I will list some aspects of this story over 105 chapters, enjoyable or not, please decide before digging in:

    • About the world of magical girls: You can imagine it as the showbiz world. It's toxic the same, if not more.
    • About love: There's no harem if you scare of that. To reassure, I have a keen interest in finding romance cues in every novel I read, but all I see are dead flags disguised as romance flags. Let's forget love, let alone harem, the "depiction of cruelty" tag is NOT a lie.
    • About the characters' background: I don't see any mystery tag or genre on novelupdate, but there sure is something running in the background. A creepy past that the more you undercover, the more the urge to find out what's happening grows.

      Who is MC's dead sister? Who's the girl that's haunting and transforming MC? What exactly has happened 10 years prior? What's the god's and monster's relationship? Why's MC's classmate so sus?
      Why does the cult care too much about MC's transform form? Why can't I answer a single question above although has read that far???

    • The main character's ability: "Gluttony". Yes. Same name with a lot of imba abilities as other isekai jp novels out there, but the content is entirely different. The price you need to pay for our MC ability is tremendous, and the growth potential is NOWHERE near imbalance at others. I am willing to go as far as saying that it's an ability to use with caution, and better NOT USE IT AT ALL. The trade-off of strength and pain, stress and consequence of opening a 'pandora' is simply hazardous but somehow becomes a perfectly balanced ability. I don't know how the author did it, but find it enjoyable all the same.
    • Others' ability: Unique, add a lot of ability combinations. This isn't a solo game (though MC did solo some tough mobs) but a team game, so this is very welcome.
    • Character's growth: You ask MC about his goal? To survive, that's all there is. The author sure knows how to surprise me with the growth of character. MC in chapter 1 is different from himself (?) in chapter 50, and the same in chapter 100. Each step of growth is solid to survive.
    • The 'politic': If you scare about bs politics, racism, or the author's knowledge about it, then don't worry. He/she knows what he/she's doing.

      Japan getting isolated is a matter of course if the same thing happens in the real world. Thus, the fictional Japanese getting biased is PERFECTLY normal. None of the abandoned countries will have a positive view of the ones who have abandoned them. It will be stranger if they aren't. My point is: that the characters can get biased, but the narrator's view needs to be 100% neutral, a thing the author has kept well. I am not reading a kid story, but a dark novel that has a lot to think about, so no point to lower reality hard mode to fable mode for easier reading, thanks.

    • Personal -1 star: I have mixed feeling about the secret of MC getting revealed to some sus (I like the kind of MC that treat secret as his pride, you know?) and

      when his sister awakens her ability. Don't know why I dislike it, just because

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redtomat rated it
November 8, 2021
Status: c7
I don't know whether the TL is still doing translation or not since there have not been any updates since February 2021. It would be a shame if the TL for some reason stopped doing translations because from what I've read so far the quality of the translation is decent. There's not much to say about the story as of chapter 7, but I think the premise is interesting enough for me to put this on my reading list.

For now, I might try reading this through MTL, for there's over... more>> 100 raw chapters to read. I sincerely hope the TL doesn't abandon translating this WN. I will check this page once a month to see if there's any updates available. <<less
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rukbat rated it
July 6, 2022
Status: c93
Good story, good writing, good translation. Author avoids the common pitfall of genderswap stories by keeping the MC under constant stress. It's not unbelievable that he doesn't abuse his female form because he's constantly juggling school and fighting and protecting his family. The characters generally act like people and do things that make sense. The action scenes are well thought out and described.

Uploader does not always update Novelupdates, at time of writing recent chapter was 84 in NU but on the translator's website he had up to 93 finished
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Cypher4496 rated it
June 2, 2022
Status: --
First of all I do not agree that under the circumstances Japan or any country will be isolated, reason first the scientific curiosity in the current age, is way way bigger than religious beliefs, mosters appearing out of nowhere than vanishing, a big crack, scientist all over the world would go crazy to figure that out (normal people would want to figure out how as well), these things are literally unprecedented and breaking the laws as we know it, second is the threat the situation poses, since japan was... more>> invaded out of nowhere, and no one knows how the first common sense is to figure out how, cause no other country knows if they can be next, so best figure things out while some one else's house is being wrecked, so if anything I think japan would flooded with different countries teams, ofcourse some country might ban their normal civillian from travelling their, isolated dimoly not logical, that was just my thoughts on the basis of the novel, otherwise novel is great so far. <<less
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Myssoferia rated it
April 14, 2022
Status: c139
Hagakure Sakura wa Nagekanai is a story about Tsugumi Nanase and his magical girl persona Hagakure Sakura.

Like the synopsis said, Tsugumi involved on stray boundary accident. A rare case where person get dragged into special space where magical girl and demonic beast having a death match. Got hit by stray attack from demonic beast and heavily injured. Long story short he accept the contract with God to save himself and now he need to fight demonic beast as magical girl to fulfill the contract.

Tsugumi himself described as ordinary guy. If... more>> theres anything special, its his tolerance. He accepted everything as long it isnt harmful to him and his sister, Chidori. Hence he could befriend Yukitaka, who hated by everyone for various reason.

The plot so far is about Nanase Tsugumi growth and unraveling the truth about the big fire accident that resulted on the siblings losing all their memories aside from their name.

About Tsugumi past


He was raised by his sister, Shirakabe Sakura, as vessel to contain Evil God. Thats why he is tolerance towards evil (Baal, his contract God. Lucifer, or known as Shirakabe Sakura. Satan, known as Yukitaka). During Advent of God ceremony, Lucifer that grow attached to Tsugumi find out Tsugumi self would be eaten by the Evil God that was called. Refusing that to happen, she failing the ceremony, resulted on big fire accident and assimilate her soul with Tsugumi to protect his ego, hence his memory sealed and his magical girl form looks like Shirakabe Sakura. For Chidori, she is substitute vessel that was kidnapped and assigned a role as Tsugumi's sister. Her memory is sealed by Yatagarasu in consideration of her mother contribution as the first magical girl, Sakura Akane.


There might be some mistake because im reading raw mtl.

Although theres a lot of girl that has interaction with MC. There is no harem or even romance so far. Theres only familial love between him and Chidori. And other girl remain as friends. For fellow magical girl, he treat them as comrade and respect them, considering himself as someone new in this dangerous occupation.

Enough with summary. My rating might be biased because:

    • GENDER BENDER, I honestly preferred cool Female Protagonist in whatever I read. But most of the times female protagonist missing the 'cool' aspect. MtF GB hit the right spot because its originally a Male, so she wont act too girly.
    • THREAD USER, I love thread weapon. I think theyre cool, albeit only possible in fantasy. It can be sharp as blade, can move freely, can form anything, basically can be used for anything as long u have enough imagination.
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h4kureii rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: c21 part2
Translation: Travis Translations. Feels like an MTL, there are a couple sections that are clearly unedited or wrongly translated, and combat scenes can be disorienting to read through.

Hagakure Sakura Does Not Lament so far explores similar topics to Madoka Magica, with Magical Girls that make contracts with otherworldly beings in order to fight monsters. Yes, Magical Girls die fighting monsters. But in every other aspect it's uncomparable with Madoka Magica. While it's admittedly early to have a deep opinion on the novel, there are no signs of interesting characterization or... more>> intriguing conflicts to explore. Plotwise, it does set up a couple of mysteries that add some depth to the story but there are a few red flags that make me apprehensive:


Gluttony skill: I've read too many poorly written novels where the main character becomes too powerful because of some sort of Gluttony skill that powers them up. It would be nice if this novel had some drawbacks or some kind of dark side associated with the skill. There are a couple clues that there is a deeper connection, but I don't have high hopes.

No established goal: Or rather, I should say the main character accepts the situation way too easily and is being carried by the narrative. He doesn't have a real goal or something he aims to achieve as a Magical Girl, he simply follows the whims of his contractor.

Foreign countries are bad: During the introduction chapters, the novel mentions that every foreign country cuts off connections with Japan when the catastrophe happens. This immediately signals to me that 1: foreign countries are going to be antagonists later on in the story, and these kinds of stories are generally biased and gross to read; or 2: the author has no interest in politics and doesn't have the ability to write something interesting here, because this is entirely unrealistic.

Hints of harem: His "twin sister" likes him. His teacher likes him. His senpai likes him. Maybe I'm reading too deep into it, since I suspect the novel won't go down the harem route completely due to the slight gender identity problem with the whole Magical Girl thing.


Overall, Hagakure Sakura Does Not Lament does create a somewhat interesting premise with something similar to Madoka Magica, but the way the novel is developing so far feels like it's going down the typical light novel fantasy route. Tentatively 2.5/5, but somewhat willing to keep up and see how it develops. <<less
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Esorb rated it
April 12, 2022
Status: c21
This one is pretty good. It's magical girl story that explores some of the darker aspects of the magical girl genre such as the general public's reaction to the government needing to rely on adolescent girls risking their lives (and sometimes losing them) in order to protect them. As for the MC, there's a mystery around him and his sister, what happened in their past, and how that is affecting the present. The story is still in the early parts so I'm excited to see where it goes. New chapters... more>> go up fairly often and the TL is solid, which is always a plus in my book. <<less
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