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After being reborn as a female automaton in another world, I hide my past life, working as a maid for the sorcerer that created me. I was used to taking care of myself in the past, so working on house chores was easy for me, and my new body is attuned to the powerful magic hand gun given to me by the sorcerer.

My new life was sometimes difficult, sometimes enjoyable, and sometimes I questioned my own worth, not being a human anymore, or an actual living being for that matter.

What are the goals of such a powerful sorcerer?

Will her daughter’s love for an automaton ever be realized?

Deciding to keep all my doubts and emotions secret, I try to find my reason to live as a former man living inside a maid automaton.

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5 Reviews

New dsdasfaf
Jun 23, 2024
Status: --
The series starts good but at time goes on Natalia ruins it.

As time goes on she weakens herself because she her go to response to crisis's is to risk herself without ever thinking of ways to deal with the issue any other way. It would be fine if she was repairable but she is not. Her body is made of op materials that they no longer have access to so each time she acts she is nerfing herself. By the time she finally has access to the full power of... more>> her nature she will probably have a body that can not handle the force.

Also as time passes the more unrealistic it is that her letting either the materials or her designs fall into others hands do not lead to some weapon appearing that destroys peoples lives. <<less
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May 15, 2022
Status: c4
Perhaps I'm speaking too soon, since I'm not caught up, and in the middle of Chapter 4. I just don't understand why this is a gender bender. The MC never elaborates about their past life as a man, and the only proof is their flustered reaction during a bathing scene with the Witch.

However, I'm pretty certain a female MC could have a similar reaction: Imagine this, the MC was a girl to begin with, but they had a chronic illness. As a result, they were hospitalized for the entirety of... more>> their previous life, and so they don't have much life experience. But when they isekai, they become a robust automaton maid. Because they are newly built, the MC could have novel reactions to anything new in the isekai world, but they must hide their emotions. That will also retain the premise of "hiding my isekai status from the Witch to avoid a hard reset".

Also, I imagine that the Witch tuned the MC to be highly adaptable & OP because of their high specs. That way, the MC can learn to be a maid & an adventurer with relative ease.

Edit: as of chapter 40, I was correct in a way about the MC having high specs. However, the reason behind them are more sustained. If I elaborate further, it would be a spoiler. I have a feeling this novel will develop into an artificial yuri romance: Gender bender MC + Boss' daughter has a crush on the MC + age progression. I say artificial, because the author has no clue how to make two girls fall in love. As a result, they turn a man into a woman, and then they fall in love with another girl. <<less
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Feb 13, 2024
Status: c160
Other reviewers put it nicely.

An otherwise interesting novel is ruined by a bad mystery plot with a bad antagonist. One of the antagonists somehow manage to insta-identify and reverse engineer the Maid's hyper advanced never-been-seen-before arm despite the story's emphasis on how important the maid's blueprints is to understanding her construction.

Everything else is decently, if not well written. A story worth reading. But again, the whole antagonist part ruins it.

Do I recommend it?
Not really. The novel goes down the drain during the Academy part.
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Dec 22, 2023
Status: c100
I say the first 50-90ish chapter was good. MC being an automata (not-human) was interesting and unique. But sadly as it goes on, it stops focusing in the unique setting and instead it become this early 2000 cringe (yuri) romance drama with comically shallow evil guy for the sake of there must be some kind of conflict.

Also I wish author stops adding genderbender for the fun of it when it literally never matter.
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Mar 25, 2023
Status: c45
It feel worst than it is because the first arc is so good at making the world feel not too much tokein/DnD-ripoff like average typical japanese fantasy with help of storytelling technique called mystery box.

mystery box worked by omission of informations from reader. It's perfect for a story with planned plot because internal consistancy is very impotent. Ending must come first before plot demanded to open the box because it's near impossible satified such high exspectation of consumers at that point.

That's why it's bad for long unplanned fiction story such... more>> as this webnovel because it will go suck fast. <<less
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