Got My License During My 3rd Year of High School, Now I’m Forced to Go on a Summer Journey with My Un-cute Kouhai


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“Senpai, did you get your license?”

My dream is to drive to Hokkaido during the summer.

I broke the school rules and got a driver’s license.

Yet, I was seen driving by the worst possible person.

Ayari Ayukawa. For some reason, I’m a thorn in this cold Disciplinary Committee member’s eyes.

I thought my dream was over.

“It would be terrible if an accident happens. I’ll check how good your driving is.”

We’re going on a fantastic ride.

Sitting next to me, she’s showing an adorable smile nowhere to be found in school.

“Well, senpai, have a nice summer journey.”

When it’s time to bid farewell, facing her momentous painful smile, I-

Brought to you by Yuji Yuji and Nanami Narumi.

This is the start of a “sweet summer journey” teenage adventure rom-com!

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Got My License During My 3rd Year of High School. Now I’m Forced at Having To Go On a Summer Trip With My Un-cute Kouhai
Kou 3 de menkyo wo totta. Kawaikunai kouhai to natsutabi suru hame ni natta.
Kou 3 natsu tabi
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