Gentle Knife


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Tang Xicheng walks out of the dormitory building and sees Liang Yuzhi talking on the phone by the railing. She hears three sentences:

“Sending someone to school.”

“Well… it’s a relative’s child.”

“What can I feel?” He laughs faintly, “Can’t even talk, so boring.”

The story revolves around a 6-year age difference. It’s about a narcissistic male protagonist who thinks a naive and sweet female protagonist is deeply in love with him, only to find out that’s not the case.

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midori_13 rated it
December 7, 2023
Status: Completed
Definitely, the main character was a gentle and sharp knife!
I feel that you can either love this novel for its realism, or you can hate the novel for its lack of romance.

Five stars for realism and zero stars for lack of romance... so 2, 5 stars it is...

The story is about a...

... more>>

... pretty, shy and mute college young girl x a cold and handsome eternal bachelor CEO.


Just as described in the summary... the first time the main couple of the story met:

Tang Xicheng (heroine) walks out of the dormitory building and sees Liang Yuzhi (hero) talking on the phone by the railing.

She hears him speaking these three sentences:

"Sending someone to school."
"Well... it's a relative's child."
"What can I feel?" He laughs faintly, "Can't even talk, so boring."

Well, as far as he knew...


... she was a mute, for psychological reasons, she stopped speaking after an accident when she was a child.

And he can even say: "Can't even talk, so boring." 🥱

Didn't this scumbag deserved a beating? 😠

But I loved how she got her sweet revenge!


Please, don't read if you don't want to spoil the surprise and the plot twist of the novel...


Tang Xicheng, the heroine, a mute college student girl got entangled with the hero Liang Yuzhi, the narcissist CEO. Because the hero's uncle, Liang Boqing, asked for him to take care of the heroine. Well, I don't know if he helped her, but all he did to her, he did unwillingness... selfish scumbag!

Somehow, they became casual s*x partners...

I loved her straightforwardness in bed, and I loved that they slept a lot together and it wasn't a smut novel. I just hate those s*upid and innocent female characters that can't stop blushing when their boyfriends try to hold their hands and perk a kiss.

For male lead of this story, this "s*x - no relationship" situation was very convenient.

He made various remarks after they slept together, such as:

"Too lazy to pay attention to her."

Scoff, scumbag...

I really hated him at this point of the novel.

But what I loved the most is that she didn't like him at all! 😍


Actually, he was the one that started liking her.

He fell in love for the first time in his life, just to have his heart crushed really hard by her.

Female lead hated her father, her stepmother and step siblings. Because her father was having an affair while her mother was still alive and already had her step siblings. And her father brought them to the house right after her mother's death. Female lead and her mother were in the car and had an accident, the mother died and she got traumatized and stopped talking.

Because her father was her guardian, he took care of her shares in the company. The shares that her mother left to her, by the company that her mother founded.

In order to recover those shares from her father, female lead used the power of male lead's family.

So male lead discovered that actually she could speak, she recovered from her muteness a long time ago, even before they started seeing each other. He also discovered that she approached him to use his family's influence. And later he also discovered that she started sleeping with him because he looked exactly like his uncle, the one she loved since she was a child. 🤯 Really mind blowing! It was one punch after another...

In the beginning I was really happy to see his heart being broken... But a little after, I started feeling kinda bad for him... I mean, I still feel he deserved, since he was such a scum...

But female lead was really so heartless 😅

She wasn't shy at all, she was really calculative...

But after less than a year, they started the s*x thing relationship again. Male lead was still very mad and thought he would get his revenge, he thought by himself: "This time I will be tired of it first, and I will leave you first."

But the author funnily had something to say:

That's what he thought. He didn't get tired of it, didn't leave, and cried for his grievances and didn't leave.


Anyway, that's the reason I had so many conflicting feelings about this novel, because at the same time I had fun seeing his face, his ego, his pride and his heart being turn into ashes by female lead. But at the same time I didn't like to see how cruel and cold hearted she was.

I mean, male lead still could have lost his face, but it didn't need to happen in such a cruel way... and it was okay for female lead not liking him, but she didn't need to be such a cold person either... in the second part of the novel, she also dated such a sweet guy, but she also crunched his heart...

I mean, maybe that's realistic... but it's not romantic at all...

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