Garbage Brave: Isekai Ni Shoukan Sare Suterareta Yuusha No Fukushuu Monogatari (LN)


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Tsukuru, attending school as usual, is suddenly summoned to a different world with his classmates. However, what awaits them after being summoned is a hero auction in which each country bids for heroes to defeat the demon king.

While his classmates who got cheat jobs sold for sky-high prices, Tsukuru, with the obvious loser jobs of “Chef” wasn’t sold at all, and was thrown out of a transfer gate to a magic forest in the middle of nowhere, inhabited by many powerful monsters.

Tsukuru, narrowly avoiding death many times at the hands of monsters, is thrust onto the path of the strongest!

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Garbage Brave【Revenge Story of a Hero Who Has Been Thrown Away After Being Summoned to Another World】
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phreakinsane rated it
February 23, 2020
Status: c81
This review is technically for the WN but I felt it important to add a positive review on this page since the only other one is a negative review from someone who didn't read much of it (honestly I can't blame them, we all like what we like)

This story contains a lot of the classic tropes (like he mentioned, there is s*avery) but has some refreshing changes. For example, this MC doesn't "purchase a s*ave" so much as empathizes with a girl unjustly thrown into s*avery and SAVES... more>> her.


She was framed for a crime and became a criminal s*ave. The one who framed her planned on purchasing her. It was a setup. The guy was well known scum, even the merchant who sold her was worried about how she'd be treated if she was sold to that guy.

The only thing that really upset me was that later on after MC saves her by clearing her name she asks to be his s*ave again for what I would describe as one of the s*upidest reasons ever "to feel closer to mc" yea... not buying it.

This was one of the few things that really pissed me off about this novel.

The MC's attitude never changes towards her and the other eventual party members, (even a second s*ave later on) by which I mean to say, he always treats them with dignity and respect, as equals. Not as s*x objects or possessions. He ultimately tries to free them both.


The relationship between the main character and his "harem" can be really cute and fun. In that aspect it reminds me of "in another world with my smart phone" yet not much else is like it.

Its chock full of action, the protagonist is kinda dense but I am hopeful for the future. He's not ignorant of the beautiful women around him. In fact, he is all too aware and there are several nose bleeding moments but it's done in mostly good taste, eliciting a chuckle more than once.

The storyline from the beginning pulled at my heartstrings a bit, if you like story's about being wronged by a government and MC seeking revenge this is the basis for the story so its present, however through a series of circumstances he isn't able to move on it for what I would call a long time.

I enjoy slice of life novels so I'm probably not the best judge on whether or not it dragged on too long before getting back to revenge. However, I personally believe the reasons for the delay and the time it took to get back on track were both appropriate.

There was one part in the entire story that seemed randomly forced on to the character and his party that I really didn't like.


It ended in the death of a side character that threw me off for a bit but it also was removed in the light novel version.


There are s*aves and countries that are extremely racist. But aside from this the darker side of humanity isn't portrayed. One thing I loved was how the MC is actually against s*avery. He does 'acquire' two s*aves but has no intention of ever viewing or treating them as such. Similar to death march rhapsody, these two are much better off with him, it's no exaggeration to claim they would be dead or worse if he didn't save them.


The only thing I don't like here is at one point in the story, right after MC worked his ass off to free one of his girls from her s*avery, she stubbornly insisted on becoming his s*ave again, because of her infatuation with the MC.

To his credit, although he ultimately caves in and they sign a new contract, he still doesn't treat her as a s*ave.


To sum up what I love about this novel which is easily one of my favorites:

There is no r*pe.

There is no NTR.

Relationship wise this is a lighthearted and heartwarming novel.

The protagonist isn't some Japanese beta iditot, (too manu many MCs to think of a good example) nor is he violent and emotionally immature. (Like arifureta mc) he is ruthless to hits enemies, (yes he actually KILLS bad guys!) loyal to his friends, and will ultimately do the right thing for everyone else. Preferably if he has a reason too or is given proper incentive. (But he won't just sit back and watch if something really bad is happening.) I absolutely love this kind of MC.

Oh, and he's not a creepy loli con! Finally a harem without prepubescent girls! Developed girls for the win!

For what may be the first time ever, I can't think of anything about MC I would change so far. But I'm not 100% sure I'd keep this stance in the future.


There hasn't been any real appropriate time for serious romance development. So I wouldn't describe him an eternal virgin like Ichika. There's definitely a high chance of him getting into a serious relationship (or four, actually) once things calm down. I'm greatly looking forward to this.


Story wise it was good enough to keep me binge reading until I finished the web novel an hour ago. Im looking forward to purchasing the light novels. Unfortunately they are still only available in Japanese.

I hope you also decide to read and enjoy this series from a very talented author. <<less
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Berethgor rated it
April 28, 2020
Status: v1
This is just your average op edgelord isekai story. Everything the main character does is super random. The female characters are tr*sh. The leveling and skill system is awful.

This is just your average op edgelord isekai story and thats why its super easy to read since you dont have to think at all.
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mattxx3 rated it
April 17, 2020
Status: v1
The prologue and chapter 1 started off interesting, but the the author seems to have no idea what to do with the story or main character afterwards. He states that he will seek revenge against the ones who wronged him, but it is never believable and seems more like a few revenge lines that the author adds in to add drama. He is literally an edgelord, acts like a badass that would kill anyone who tried to push him around, but is actually hypocritical and would always find an excuse... more>> to let them live saying "they're not worth killing" at the end.


One specific example had a knight insult him, leading the MC to state that he was going to kill him. After several line of the MC repeating the statement, emphasizing that there is no way that he would change his mind, but lo and behold, he changed his mind. His talking sword even asked him why he wouldn't at least cut off the knight's arm as a form of punishment, but MC states that it would be too "troublesome" to do. *Eyes rolling*


This novel is definitely not original (weak to instant OP, s*aves, etc.), but I was completely fine with that as long as it's done correctly. Sadly it wasn't. In fact, half of the story was climatically done with an exposition dump of all things in the last chapter. MC had all of the abilities to solve all of the problems several chapters before, but decides not to for... reasons? You could've skipped about 4 chapters and read the last one instead at that point.

The MC never was a solid character, seeming to have multiple personalities and goals, and where the story was going was never truly defined (or written well for that matter).

2/5 since the first 2 chapters were good. <<less
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August 21, 2020
Status: v3c5 part4
Edit: Ok, I'm dropping this. As I've said before, good premise, bad execution. Especially the third volume. It reads as if a pre schooler wrote it. Mc's personality is absolute garbage. No, not evil hate this guys guts garbage, just pure garbage. Good for killing time for volume 1, volume 2 is good enough. But I suggest you save your time by skipping volume 3.

... more>>

At the end of chapter 5 of volume 3. Guess how they dealt with their schoolmates? Send those who want to return to Japan back, and leave the ones that dont, but does so in a cringey a$$h0le kinda way. Like he came to them and said who wants to go back home, raise your hands. While one of them proceeds to inquire if what MC was saying is true, MC decides to punch him unconscious and followed by a kick to wake him up. Doing so in the reason of I didnt give you permission to speak.


Good enough settings in my opinion. But they wasted it. MC is a generic timid Japanese which changed after being betrayed, or in better words mislead into being snuffed. Has the job chef, corresponding to his strong points before transfer. But author wasted time explaining how his proficiency in cooking came to be, but waste it by making the skill cook it for him. Like it cooks, or grill, steaks in an instant.

I dont know whether it's due to the translator or author, MC curses a lot. This does NOT make you seem more mature nor does make you look like a badass. The MC is downright cringey.

MCs goal is as most betrayed MCs goal, getting revenge. But does so in s*upid and pointless ways. Spoilers below, well not that it matter much.


MC cornered the guy who tricked him to go to his death. But the MC spent more time spouting sh*t than to actually go killing the guy, thus resulting in him getting away. Poor execution of trying to extend the plot in my view.


MC got his "wives" for no apparent reason. The heroines characters are bland. Imagine all the tropes you usually use for how a harem MC gets his wives, remove any deep story and background, and just leave the basic framework to connect the MC with the girls, and you get this.

Story is good at first, was really expecting good stuff, but reality is different. Generic stuff. Save this, save that. Kill the guy who tried to kill me, along with those who gets in my way. Love the way I want, but boringly do nothing at all. Food? The setting are in the middle ages. He could get better food by cooking it himself or through his skill. They showed the status of all the characters, but the don't do sh*t. A middle boss character, or mini boss, is killed single handedly by one person.


You can't possibly make me believe they can kill a, let's say a level 550 dungeon entrance guard Cerberus, single handedly, when their level is almost the same. Summoned people are stronger you said? Well guess what? The Cerberus was a monster made by previous summoned heroes. Does that help clear how s*upid this sounds?


Long story short, this is a good time killer, but give it a pass if you want any good story. There is snusnu, but it's like a transition in a all ages VN, where everything passes in an instant and there is nothing that describe what they did but just the fact that they did it. <<less
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Stupendoes rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: v2 afterword
This might be the most bland isekai I've ever read. Nothing happens that other novels don't do better. It hits all of the worst isekai tropes and never tries to branch out and become a story worth mentioning. The novel reads as if its main purpose is to play to the author's fantasy.

Summoned to another world, but abandoned by the people who summoned him. Check.

Finds some OP power that makes him the strongest person in the world by chapter 5. Check.

... more>> Starts collecting the author's fantasy s*ave harem. Check.

MC focuses 90% of the story on his s*aves' bodies instead of the actual story. Check.

When it comes time to move the plot forward the author pulls random powers out of the MC's ass so he can get back to admiring his s*aves. Check.

Waste of time. Check.

I gave this a three star rating because the translation is decent and I imagine it can't be easy for them to translate to English when English isn't their first language. Their hard work on the novel deserves the first three stars, unfortunately, the novel itself is incredibly boring. <<less
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TerraEarth rated it
June 26, 2020
Status: v1 illustrations
Typical content for your typical JPLN/JPWN series. The gaming elements included with the series fall flat as does most of the character's personalities and interactions. As for the plot, the majority of the story is spent chronicling MC's daily life, the story line is shallow and straightforward. This title will scratch your isekai itch when you binge it, but expect nothing particularly noteworthy.

The one thing that does bother me is that although the novel is written with fantasy game elements, the author does not come off as a gamer in... more>> the slightest. The systems are rudimentary, easily exploitable and frankly uninteresting. Much of the content in this game is spend power leveling the MC's waifus using exploits to an arbitrary, rough-shod game system. <<less
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promet rated it
August 9, 2020
Status: v3c2
TLDR: Abridged Arifureta. I recommend volume 1, and you can stick for volume 2, but the rest after may not be worth your time.

The story is so similar that I'm pretty sure it's been based on it (couldn't be bothered to check the release year, though). We've got the same summoning as classmates, an abandoned guy who gets backstabbed and tossed in the middle of nowhere with 0.1% chance of survival, cheat skill saving the day, and so on.

Will all that said, it's actually not bad. I enjoyed the writing... more>> style, and there were some nice jokes. Volume 1 would get some nice score like 7-8/10 as a novel's start. It was rough around the edges here and there, but it was good, and I'm picky with my novels.

The plot then went similar to Arifureta, except it was simpler and the pace faster. It also had some different parts. Sadly, while the volume 2 was still kind of okay at first, its ending and then volume 3's translated part were disappointing, and the story became pure wish fulfillment.

I was particularly disappointed with harem.


I am the sort of reader who does enjoy harem, but I think that it's better not to make it a harem if it's not going to be good, and this one isn't. The harem members are cliche, their reasons for liking MC are cliche (only the first one had valid reasons imo, though even her behavior felt inconsistent with her apparent setting), and their harem-like interactions were mostly cliche (there were a few original points I appreciated and that's it). The harem became mc's waifus (literally), which was pretty contrived as well (especially the mc's attitude struck me as weird—he was like, oh, so you wanna marry me, well okay I guess, I don't really have much to say except the few times I mentioned you were pretty and your body turned me on or your behavior was cute. Like really? It was enough that harem was contrived, why make mc's attitude and the relationship itself contrived too xD Okay, enough of ranting.


So about the story in the later parts of what I read, it kind of lost its goal, I think.


Basically, the original theme of revenge was rather weak and easily abandoned without proper closure, and rather than concluding other subplots, author is just setting up flags while wasting time on cooking with eating (which is somewhat justified due to mc's profession) and power leveling harem. Omg. Those chapters felt like filler. Fortunately, it seems like there's going to be more proper plot later in volume 3.


So all in all, it's not a bad novel, but it disappointed me in the later volumes. Still better than average Japanese webnovel, though. <<less
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sadmanex rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: v2c2 part4
this novel actually bad. Just as the title, it is Garbage

this novel start ok. A standard isekai jp MC. But immediately lose it identity as revenge novel. Then there old cliche. S*ave?yes. Harem?yes. Japanese food?yes. Kind mc? Yes. MC that suddenly know how to fight and kill without bad feeling? Also yes

if I want to describe about this novel, a collection of bad and old cliche from early 2000 or 1990 that author put together in a single novel with uninteresting MC and those s*ave without any identity or emotion... more>> or be able to relate to living human being. <<less
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tfate rated it
April 21, 2020
Status: v3
I'm surpised it isn't really that bad, despite having cliches, the author made it interesting and it's something that will keep you reading. The author is doing his best to flesh out the characters, though at first the heroine seems bland, the author actually put some time to flesh her out. It's interesting enough for me that I might go read the raws if I have the time.

Also the guy Matxx3 review is quite exaggerated, he only read like 3 chapters and he's speaking like he already knows the... more>> entire story. If you want a broken mindless killing MC that kills people because the annoyed him then this isn't for you, you have Chinese novel for that. At least finish 1or 2 volume before spouting exaggerated reviews please, these kinds of reviews give false impression to the new readers. <<less
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DeirdreH rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: v2c2 part1
This site has dozens of "the discarded protagonist was secretly the strongest all along" revenge stories. Why should you read this one in particular?

Most of these stories never bother to explain why the MC is more powerful than the peers who discard him. It just happens early on so that he has a reason to take revenge and the story focuses on that. This story is different. The author took the time to create a perfectly reasonable explanation for the MC's broken powers:

... more>>

Tsukuru is a pawn in a dispute between gods. The gods of the isekai world have been repeatedly summoning humans from Earth without permission and finally one of the gods of Earth decides to retaliate. She tampers with Tsukuru's abiliies with the intention of making him powerful enough to wreck the plans of the isekai world gods merely by existing. Tsukuru is basically an apostle of Amaterasu no Mikoto with a mandate to cause mayhem in the isekai world.


The readers learn this at the beginning of volume 2, however as of now the MC himself is completely unaware of it. In fact, it's not a bad idea to treat volume 2 chapter 1 as the prologue to volume 1 and read it first. The events of volume 1 will be much easier to understand that way.

Edit: The first two volumes were good. Stop reading after the end of volume 2 and don't bother with volume 3. <<less
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semperfi201 rated it
October 8, 2020
Status: v3
Garbage brave just like its name suggests, it's garbage. It's just your generic isekai harem op MC story.

The story is subpar, the story telling is subpar and the pacing is subpar, the characters barely have any personality. The list would go on if you keep listing its con. Nevertheless, this novel is an entertaining kind of garbage. I can't just seem to get bored of it. I'd say it's like eating junk food. It's not the best food out there but you can't help but enjoy it a lot.

I'd recommend... more>> you to try this if you just want to turn your brain off and have a relaxing reading time~

4 out of 5 <<less
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Cinque-39 rated it
April 24, 2020
Status: v2c2
This is quite a decent novel to read. I started reading this because of the illustration; that led me to read the synopsis; which hooked me in. The website of the translators had other good novels that I tried out and liked as well! (Just giving credit to the translator for their choice of novels to translate!)

The story is nice and the way it starts is good enough. Tsukuru gets thrown into a different world with his classmates and the 'heroes' are sold to different countries. He gets disposed... more>> of into a dangerous forest, where he levels up like crazy. But wait! There's a reason behind that, as well as why he was so different compared to the other heroes! That will be explained in the second novel! So get reading it if you wanna know more! <<less
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onoyaan rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: v2c2
For me it's an interesting novel, If you're looking for op MC that has good common sense and not s*upid then you will get hooked up in this novel.
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February 21, 2020
Status: c6
Well so far its not great.. Its basicallya group of people forced to be s*aves after being forcefull summoned yadda yadda. MC has tr*sh class gets sent to forest to die.

Now heres what grinds my gears. Your summoned from modern world as a s*ave why then is the firstxthing you do when you get to a town buy a s*ave???? I sweR a tard wrote this
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orpheus_rm rated it
April 17, 2021
Status: v4c3 part1
Compared to others of this genre, this novel is surprisingly decent. Nothing in particular stands out in the plot, but there are no glaring flaws and the translation/ writing quality is fairly good. I'd rate this 3/5 but there are much worse novels with higher ratings than this so I thought I'd give it a boost.
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Irakko rated it
June 29, 2020
Status: v2 afterword
TBH, it started off pretty good, somewhat Arifureta-esque, but by the end of Vol.2 it feels like the writer put the plot on 2.5x speed and left it there.
Still, it is a decent read.
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M.A.T.R. rated it
May 13, 2020
Status: v2c2 part5
I like it, really good I would say until he bought the s*ave. The story hit a plateau and stopped improving, but it was still pretty good. Right now the story would be still pretty good, but it is starting to show little bitty problems that prick at my mind little by little.
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Ukasio rated it
August 25, 2021
Status: v3c4 part3
Two stars only beacause it started kind of good. When MC gets out of the forest it turns to shit. Whole harem is abysmally written. Edgelord galore. Seriously think the author is an angsty 12 year old.
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TRMH rated it
February 26, 2021
Status: Completed
This is a master piece!
The story doesn't have much cliche as others I was surprised by many developments. The author managed to give everyone their own stories without over using the same characters, the anti protagonists was also interesting, I never expected the reason why he became a bad guy. Overall it's a intriguing story without too much cliche and characters you grow to like.

The MC is better than most. He is quite bold with the FLs and doesn't have (much) self doubts which is quite nice. Although he... more>> could have used a bit more compassion...

The ending was superb, in the fact that you were told how everything went, who ends up with whom, did they have a happy life, was the evil dude gone, that kind of things. <<less
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NovReds rated it
February 7, 2021
Status: v4 epilogue
This novel is average and light read. It's quite similar to every other 'isekai' & 'level system' series but it is still better. You can try this novel when you are fed up while reading monotonous parts of your favourite novels, you know to change your taste or should I say environment (?).

Other than that it is a good story with a similar concept and pretty much entertaining. It gave me a mind refresh after getting bored and more importantly, it is completed!

So why not just give it a... more>> try? <<less
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