Fremd Torturchen


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“I am ‘Torturchen’ Elisabeth Le Fanu, both a proud wolf and a lowly sow.”

After dying, Sena Kaito was reborn in another world and confronted with a peerless beauty, Elisabeth, who had appeared before his eyes. Introducing herself as “Torturchen,” she commanded Kaito to become her servant, but he refused on the spot. When Elisabeth presented Kaito with the choice of either torture or butler, he immediately submitted and began to serve at Elisabeth’s side, to accompany her until she completed her mission. Unbelievably, it turned out that Torturchen’s mission as a condemned sinner was to eliminate fourteen ranked demons and their contractors!

“Yes, indeed. I shall die, as lonely as a wolf and as pitifully as a sow.”

Ayasato Keishi x Ukai Saki! This awesome partnership offers a masterpiece of dark fantasy set in another world! Here begins the legend of world salvation, undertaken by the maiden who had been condemned by the world.

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Fremd Torturchen
Isekai Goumon Hime
Isekai Goumonhime
Torture Princess: Fremd Torturchen
Torture Princess of Another World
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Overlord rated it
December 29, 2016
Status: v2c1
"Oppressive rulers need to be killed, tyrants need to be hanged, genoiciders need to be slaughtered brutally. This is natural law. What awaits at the endpoint of the path of torture is hell without a shred of redemption, adorned by one's own screams. Only then does the torturer's life come to a conclusion. Man at the root of all evil, you shall set off first. I shall not run away and will follow you in the near future." - Elisabeth

Wow, just wow.. What's up with the unjustified low rating? 「... more>> (°ヘ°) For once we have a really delicate and outstanding piece of dark fantasy, the story is very well written and interesting. The kind of novel you won't find very often, especially in the Japanese novel section.

Everything is described in great detail, so that the characters, environment and behaviour almost come to life. It's also thanks to the more mature point of view, and disturbing, lingering dark atmosphere. Keep in mind, the story is absolutely gruesome, full of disturbing moments and all sorts of extensive atrocities. How can one not love something that perfectly depicts human nature to its darkest origin? Simply an amazing read, chapter after chapter you want to know more about the past of Elisabeth, and you rejoice when even the smallest triviality of her grim history is revealed, each piece of the puzzle gazing right back into you from the abyss.

Just one last warning, it's dark, incredibly dark!

The range goes from people (and demons) getting tortured horribly to little children being impaled on stakes.

Also mentionable, Kaito gets to keep a beautiful human-like doll who's madly in love with him, more or less due to some coincidental circumstances.. - Him being an awful cook as the main reason *whisper*

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admira rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: v2c1
This is definitely one of the most graphic and gory light novels I've read. It's to the point where I would have probably felt queasy if I wasn't so wrapped up in the momentum. I can draw some tentative parallels to A Clockwork Orange (western novel) in the way that it displays such unhesitating violence.

Overlord's review pretty much nails it as far as evaluating the story quality. I would give it 4.5 stars if I could, but I'll go with 5 for now.
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Lolistalker rated it
May 31, 2017
Status: --
(disclaimer this is anything but a review, more like a rant, and it's not even about this particular novel, I know I shouldn't have put it here but whatever, Overlord (the guy above me) already said everything I want, read that instead for a proper review)



... more>> f*cking life, why is a lot of mediocre novel translated daily while something this good take forever to be translated (if ever), I really have to learn japanese to read ahead or translate this myself

I do like fluffy self fulfilling fantasy with OP MC and delicious food (and girls) but I love this darker side of the world kinda novel way more, for example Dungeon Defense, Summoned Slaughterer, Overlord, etc

well tbh the most important thing is that the story is well written, as I usually just read about anything, genre does matter but only to an extend, no matter how good the plot is if the story was delivered poorly it would suck, in fact it will be worse as the feeling of disappointment would be huge

whenever I read poorly written novel that has good potential I feel grief,

*if only if only* keep on ringing on my head as I tried to distract myself by continuing reading, but that is all for naught as the feeling of disappointment take over and force me to stop, regret would soon follow as I always hope that it will get better but I know I could fool other but not myself, "damn" I curse, "what if I write my own story then" I thought, but I dispel the thought as I know myself better than anyone, I don't have what it take... at least for now, I need to keep on improving and grow, one day maybe, just maybe I could be good enough to write a story of my own

(but before that Japanese here I come I'll learn and read so many good untranslated novel out there!)


just give this one a shot, or put it on reading/waiting list, hope it will get the translation it deserve <<less
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cosme7 rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: Completed
It’s time for a story.
It’s the story of a boy who was brutally killed by another, and a story of a monster who cruelly killed others.
Or perhaps it’s a story of a child who was abandoned by his parents, and a hero who was abandoned by the world.
Either way, it’s a story of admiration and folly.
It’s a story of love, but not a story of romance.
Someday, it will likely be remembered as a tale from long, long ago.
A horrible, tragic little anecdote.
One that was far too twisted to pass off as a fairy tale.

1. Story ★★★★★ - It's a very closed story, its plots are not absurd, but the world itself and especially the characters are very engaging.
2. Character ★★★★★ - As I said before, they are very engaging, there is romance for those who like it too XD, the development and its changes that occur little by little are very cool to see.
3. Enjoyment ★★★★★ - t's pretty heavy dark fantasy, certain scenes really feel a sense of urgency or are repugnant to an absurd degree.
4. General ★★★★ - I only took 1 ★ from the grade, because I felt that volume 7.5 was totally unnecessary, but that is personal for each one, I strongly recommend reading it.
If you read this review thank you very much and may God bless you, I avoided spoiler XD.
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Uzi30 rated it
August 4, 2020
Status: v4
Seems like the previous people have given this a high review, so I’ll right some of its downfalls for me. Most of the villains in this story seem very anti climatic. They are build up to be very powerful, but are defeated without much effort and are not really build up at all. For the most part they seem to act like minions. Because of the way the villains are made, story feels like plot is not really moving, even though in reality it is actually moving pretty quickly.

Apart from... more>> my problem with how the villains were made, I really enjoyed this story. The author did a good job at setting the tone of the story. This is called “torture princess, ” so there is definitely plenty of gory scenes. The author paints a good picture of what is going on but doesn’t go overboard with it. The main attraction for me was the main characters interactions (Elisabeth, kaito, and hina). Their banter is fun to read and their characters are fleshed out with it. <<less
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GodFall rated it
April 29, 2021
Status: --
The series is a dark fantasy at its core with elements of romance and comedy mixed in. To this date it is one of the best series of novels I have read, the plot, the twists keep u on the edge, and as the story goes on you cant help love the characters. I loved reading every bit of it and hope that u all do the same
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Amoki rated it
January 23, 2024
Status: v9
Masterpiece among masterpieces. The story is dark, the villains are well and truly evil. This story shows the life of a truly despicable mu*derer and her dimwitted servant who's soul was brought in from another world. You see their struggles and the despair they trudge through. The writing is many things. At times it's descriptive, poetic, hilarious, depressing and even uplifting. I feel as if this story encompasses a bit of everything and ticks all the boxes I want from a story. I can't say much more than it is... more>> one of the best pieces of fiction that I've ever read. It is by no means perfect though, and if I could rate it on a scale of ten I'd give it a 9.5. My only complaint is it felt like it could've had two endings but continued on. The last arc felt a bit forced but it got me as a reader to the ending that I was most happy with. Actually I have one more small complaint, I wish there was a bit more at the end. Just a bit more. It's unfortunate that it has to have an end. <<less
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Delusion rated it
December 11, 2022
Status: --
One of the craziest light novels out here with an utterly grim and gory setting.

... more>>

Humans are weak in the novel. Absolutely utterly weak with almost no power.

14 demons corresponding to 14 (or was it 12?) hierarchical ranks appear in the world and an entire army of a human state can barely survive the weakest one (assuming they do not use power of god/angel).

Heck, they can't even fight against disposable minions of the upper ranks. Also, another thing to note is that the hierarchy makes up an absolute difference, like a demon of 2-4th position (royal title) can easily kill lower ranks with as little as a gaze or flick of finger.

To add cherry to the top, these demons are not even the top brass, they are just the ones weak enough to pass through this world.

Also "god" (whose identity is a spoiler) does not give a shit, so humans can't do anything. People who can serve as surrogate for divine powers are rare and when they use it, they go crazy.

So you can understand how shitty this world is for humans. It is hopeless. Only reason humans live to serve as livestock as demons get power from people's fear and hate.

So, what to do?

The only feasible path for humanity to survive as a whole is to gain power as demons do and the only one who can do so is the Female Lead (but she is not the love interest of MC) who has the heart of demon or smt (transplanted by kaiser).

Demons get power from fear, scream, and hatred. Even weakest of demons have sacrificed cities and countries. So, being half-ass will not do. Neither will only killing prisoners coz they can't make up the number.

So you get the trolley problem. Lose Humanity as a whole or kill hundreds of thousands of innocents in the cruelest way imaginable to squeeze the greatest power from them with the least amount of sacrifice.

The FL does that. She is cruel, evil, and deserves death coz the things she did are horrifying to the extreme. Yet the world is so fked up that without her, humanity would die.

So this is a fked up novel with fked up situation.

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shailaj rated it
October 11, 2022
Status: v8c1
This is most engaging lightnovel I have read. Every character grips your heart although the first volume is weak you are compensated by later volumes. Each volume is better than last. 4.3 is a low rating for this novels. It deserves about a 4.7 I cut off the.3 for it being unable to capture you in the first volume as well as some lines being repeated for thematic purposes. I know why it is there but I believe it could have been done better. Those are it's only flaws. If... more>> you are into dark fantasy it is a must read and if you are not into dark fantasy it will get you into dark fantasy so I recommend everyone try it <<less
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