Former no.1 Ranking Mob Reincarnation in Another World – The Man Who Was the Strongest Aims to Be the Strongest Again


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“Ragnarok” is an open-world action RPG.

One day, the top ranked player who was attracted to the game, which was a huge hit in Japan, was reincarnated as Kyle, a mob boy, in another world that looks exactly like Ragnarok before the game service was terminated.

Without knowing how he ended up there, Kyle decides to become the strongest in the world once more.

Using the knowledge from his previous life, Kyle levels up efficiently. He finds a hidden item and steadily progresses toward his goal, but ……?

[A quest has occurred.] An apostle of God.

Unexpected developments.

The heroine’s situation, and more.

Apparently, this world is not a simple one.

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03/04/24 kuro-kun c7
02/28/24 kuro-kun c6
02/28/24 kuro-kun c5
02/28/24 kuro-kun c4
02/28/24 kuro-kun c3
02/23/24 kuro-kun c2
02/22/24 kuro-kun c1
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