Forcefully Slow Life!?


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An aristocratic family lived in a corner of the Franmesia Kingdom. Viscount Orto’s second son『Gilbert Orto』was a reincarnated person.

As he was growing up as a child, he realized the secrets of this world through his knowledge from when he had been a Japanese person.

This world, was the world that went beyond that of the game.
And then he thought.
Eh? Could it be the sequel? I have been reincarnated as the main character of the next work!? Or someone related to it!?

He felt a sense of crisis, knowing that in some games, you could be annihilated in the first part.

I need to train while I am still young, before the game starts!
Once it starts, I need to have enough power to protect myself and my family!

Although he thought that, he still had a child’s chubby body. There were limits to what he could do.
Although he was adored by his family and the servants, he continued to experiment with what he could do!
With an「I can not be negligent」as my motto, I will continue to live in another world today as well.

This is what this novel would be about.

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