Fish Don’t Know About Water


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The life of the small noble girl Phenelity is recorded with a magical typewriter and serialized in the newspaper novel ⟨Pepe⟩.

“The second prince confessed his love to the small noble girl but was fiercely rejected! How tragic, how tragic!”

Phenelity received a confession from the playboy Crown Prince. But due to pressure from the royal family, it was revealed to be the confession of the stuttering Prince Viet…

—My true feelings are confirmed through novels. Whenever everyone doubts me, that’s what I do, so what!

—I don’t like it. Why should I act that way when you’re right in front of me? It’s better to look each other in the eyes and have a direct conversation.

After temporarily harboring dissatisfaction after being forced into marriage,
the two gradually grow closer, understanding each other deeply more than anyone else.

“Yes, it seems like you are gradually… taming me”

Although Viett thinks that his married life being serialized in the novel is terrible,
the crazy thought that he doesn’t really hate it keeps popping up.

—Is this palace an aquarium that confines me?

‘Phenelity Cochrun’ became curious.

A woman trapped in a narrow aquarium
and a man as rough and threatening as the waves.

Can the fish wrapped in waves leave the stifling aquarium
and reach the free sea?

* * *

「⟨Pepe: 76XX Days Since Birth!⟩

※This serialized novel contains content unsuitable for children.

The 11th Little Lord became a girl.
The first Little Lady was none other than me, Pepe.

In my homeland, there exists a special institution called ‘young dukes’.

Children born to distinguished lineage are chosen as protagonists of serialized newspaper novels,
their daily lives exposed in novels to boost national pride,

Thus, through the serialized newspaper novel ⟨Pepe⟩, I showed every detail of my daily life to everyone.
(Or rather, it would be more accurate to say it was forced upon me, scrutinized piece by piece?)

Whether I wanted it or not, the magical typewriter recording the daily life of the small noble girl never stopped.
Just like I am showing you this text right now, with no way out!」

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