Family’s Treasure in the Sixties


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The old Song family had five sons in a row, all of them resembling their father, tall and robust, with hearty appetites. They spent their days catching chickens and playing with dogs, much to the distress of their mother, who just wanted a sweet and considerate daughter. She wondered why it was so difficult.

With a big belly, she prayed to the heavens every day that this pregnancy would finally bring a daughter. The sincere prayer was answered, and Song Baozhu was born. As the only daughter, she became the family’s treasure, treated like a golden nugget. The family firmly believed that their daughter (sister) was a reincarnated fairy; otherwise, how could she be so beautiful and smart?

Song Baozhu loved her parents and five brothers who always gave her the best. She lived a happy life, although she was inexplicably tied to a learning system that threatened to electrocute her if she didn’t study.

After experiencing the pain of being shocked to near death for playing too much, Song Baozhu reluctantly wiped away her tears and forced herself to study. Later, she discovered that learning was not so bad after all. It could help her family live a good life, ensure uncles and aunts in the village had enough to eat, and make the village chief proud.

As Song Baozhu grew up, she entered into a relationship with a disciple from the capital. The family worried about her facing discrimination due to her background, but to everyone’s surprise, she became a pillar of the nation and the treasure of her husband’s family, bringing pride to the entire country.

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