Fall In Love With A Substitute


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Jian Yixin, who is passing through the stand-in department: I’m just a stand-in.

The mission target of each world: who wants a stand-in, what I want is—


[Modern Entertainment Circle] Stuntman x Actress

The stand-in gave the actress a like on her Weibo.

The actress raised her cat tail and said proudly: She gave me a like, she must like me.

[Marry first, love later] The prince who pretends to be the royal prince x the Crown princess

The indifferent Crown Princess: We’re just allies, let’s keep our distance.

The fake prince nodded: Sure thing.

Later, the Crown Princess’s face hurt a lot.

[Love Rival Turned into Lover] White Moonlight’s stand-in x White Moonlight

Male protagonist vs. stand-in: I’m warning you, don’t hurt my White Moonlight!

White Moonlight said to the male protagonist: I’m warning you, never appear in front of me or my substitute again.

Male protagonist:? ? ?

[Yandere in the Cultivation World] Substitute Puppet x Sick Girl

The puppet took the girl into her arms: Don’t be afraid, I’m here.

The girl’s slender figure was hidden under the puppet’s robe, she responded weakly, and quietly raised her lips to the villain.

The villain shivered: Puppet Ning wake up, we’re the weak one!

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New calebra rated it
November 15, 2023
Status: c163
Nothing much to say other than that it would've been a good story yeah but I personally don't like being lied to and manipulated in the way that happened to the main character in this story so I started disliking the romance in this. Like understandable, you want to change how the person you love looks at you but also damn. I hated the direction she took this in. Maybe if the way it was written and depicted was better I might've liked it? But I actually got annoyed when... more>> the truth was slowly revealed. I'm not even gonna read the extra chapters for this lol this is just my biased opinion and I'm leaving this review for my future self in case I wanted to reread some novels and save myself from unnecessary anger. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blazingseraph rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: Completed
This story is just a really well-written transmigration novel. All of the world stories have a similar structure, basically the MC has to take revenge against people who have already hurt the FL and MC, are going to hurt the FL and MC, or are currently hurting them.

The MC has amnesia, but she's able to accept her role quite easily. This is part of her personality, and it's a little hint of her true identity. The entire transmigration and system thing might not be exactly as you imagine at the... more>> beginning. How the author ties all of the worlds together and shows the big reveal at the end was really well done.

The main focus of the story is the romance and how the MC falls in love with the FL world after world once she realizes that the FL is the same as the previous worlds. It's a bit slowburn since the first world ends in unrequited love, but the worlds after are all happy endings.

The world plots themselves were all really fun to read so it's not something that only gets good when you get to the final reveal. Each FL doesn't remember the previous worlds so she's always a product of the world she's currently in. It's funny cause there's some chapters where the MC encounters all of them at once and it looks like a Shura field lol. Those are specials so don't worry, the FL is one person.

I really liked reading this, from the individual world plots to the romance to the final reveal. Definitely recommended if you like transmigration novels. <<less
23 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
RozuArison rated it
May 3, 2021
Status: Completed
Oh, I love it <3 The story really focused on the settings of every world. I think they tried to balance the romance and story of the worlds. Moreover, the romance is neither slow nor fast. Some scenes gave me a massive nosebleed and dogfood lol.

All the worlds made a lot of sense after the revelation. If I'll reread this one, I would understand their actions even more. Just like the first world where they didn't end up with each other. I was really sad, but it's not that bad... more>> because it made the two main characters notice each other. The first world is a very important one too because it's the greatest reflection of the real world for me.

My only problem in this novel is that the story arcs are too long. I have a short attention span when it comes to transmigration stories. I just want a quick transmigration stories xD. Except for that, I have no problem cuz I love it. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
alwayscolder rated it
October 22, 2021
Status: Completed
I liked it, especially knowing why they traveled/met, and 4 stars because I didn't wanted extra drama but ... more>>

when she didn't wanted to wake up... all for nothing? happily it was solved and did not last long but still unnecessary, although I understand why considering her personality


I'm reading the extra chapters now, but they won't change anything so doesn't affect my review :u also the detail of MC keeping her memories while FL does not, I think it's nice, that way really shows different sides of her, otherwise it would be boring and calculated. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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