Ex-girlfriend Teachers Want to Nurture Love by Making Slightly Naughty Visits to Your Home


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A high school boy, Touma Nijino, who has suffered two heartbreaks in a row, is welcomed into a new school year by his new teachers, his ex-girlfriends, who dumped him!

The two, who still have lingering feelings for Touma, run into each other at his house. They managed to get Touma promise to treat them as teachers until he graduates, but–

“Hey, can I kiss you?”

“Do you hate sleeping with me now?”

They are both trying to develop love like a commuting wife to get ahead of each other at the same time–!?

By day, they secretly approach him as teachers, and by night, they come on to him hard as ex-girlfriends!

A semi-cohabiting romantic comedy with 2 slightly naughty ex-girlfriends!

Associated Names
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Motokano Sensei
Motokano Sensei wa, Choppiri Ecchi na Katei Houmon de Kimi to no Ai wo Hagukumitai.
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09/17/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part4
09/17/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part3
09/02/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part2
08/24/22 Zetro Translation v1c3 part1
08/16/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part9
08/16/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part8
08/16/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part7
08/16/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part6
08/07/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part5
08/02/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part4
08/02/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part3
08/02/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part2
05/21/22 Zetro Translation v1c2 part1
04/05/22 Zetro Translation v1c1 part2
03/29/22 Zetro Translation v1c1 part1
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March 29, 2022
Status: --
I'm not going to rate this yet, but I am here to rip on the setting. At what point, is it appealing for anyone to get dumped, then after meeting an ex-partner after x amount of time, suddenly enjoy flirting and getting into romantic situations with them!? Forget the fact that from what I can gather so far, this is a case of pedophilia on the women's part, and out of their own best interest, dump him so they don't get screwed socially.

After manipulating and messing around with a young... more>> teen, they suddenly decide they regret not staying in a romantic relationship with him? And he doesn't mind that they force themselves back into his life? I can't even enjoy the fictional "forbidden" setting of teacher and student because the other part of the setting is ridiculous nonsense. Whatever, guess I'll give it a chance and update this later. <<less
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