Moto Ane Ga Tonari Ni Hikkoshite Kita


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When he was still a kid, something terrible happened which led the boy’s family fall apart.

The boy who was left alone, Kizawa Kosuke, was then entrusted to his relatives.

When he entered high school, he started living alone.

A few days after the entrance ceremony. A new resident moved in to the apartment next door to his. She was that pretty and famous Senpai who was the talk all over the school.

“I finally found you again, Kou-kun.”

Associated Names
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My Ex-Elder Sister shifted into the room next to me
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2 Reviews

Jan 22, 2023
Status: v1c33
The story is slow moving, mostly because the same events are told from multiple POV. The chapters are short, but well translated. Overall the quality of the story makes it worth reading if you're bored and have nothing better.

The basic premise is that due to various "adult reasons children wouldn't understand" (i.e. money) the MC (Kousuke) is abandoned by his Stepmother and Stepsister after his father's death. It doesn't seem like he ever knew his birth mother, so he considers them his real family. He's left in the care of... more>> his grandfather and is emotionally broken...

The part that makes this story unbelievable is that PHONES EXIST. Phones, e-mail, social networking sites! The Stepmother couldn't become a single mother of two children, so she cut Kousuke loose. Have you ever heard of a play-date?!? Bring big sis over, let them spend time together... It's a gaping plot hole, but on the other hand, adults making TERRIBLE, s*upid or selfish decisions that ruin children's' lives isn't too strange... <<less
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Oct 28, 2022
Status: v1c3
So, little early to be writing a review, but as little as it is I felt like it was enough to get an idea of the writing style and character. Rated as a 3 because it is early, otherwise it would probably be a 1.

Prologue- Just enough information to tell you who everyone is and give you a good guess at what has happened in the past and what will happen in the future. My question after reading it was, why keep reading?

Chapter 1- Thrown into character introductions with little... more>> lead up, very rough writing.

chapter 2/3- Cliché that happens in every single Japanese novel. Way to early for one to occur when the setting, plot, relationship, etc. Has not even been developed at all. <<less
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