Evelyn’s Ring


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The first impression was intense. On the bad side.

Evelyn Rehill, third in line to the throne, the eight-circle wizard, who is a great noble to the bone. Cairen Knight, heir to the richest Knights Top in Berynne, believing in science.

“The ability to turn everyone around into a sea of fire with just one word. Anyway, a species of sorcerer doesn’t fit me.”

“Isn’t it always tiring to care about other people’s eyes like that? It’s fundamentally different from me. It’s hard to get close.”

I thought I’d never have a good feeling about it, but…One day, we began to worry about each other.

“Are all people in the sorcerer’s office an idiot?, and why are you all so impatient to eat one of those little girls?”

“Senior, senior! Oh no! I don’t think I’m breathing!”

This… is dangerous.

Cairen, who sensed the warning of instinct, reflexively dodged Evelyn’s eyes. It was the first time in my life that I felt this kind of crisis, so there was no other way but to avoid it.

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이블린의 반지
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