Erotic Affairs Among Flowers


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This story is about a young married couple engaging in various role-playing antics.

PS: This title is extremely explicit and deviant, involving vulgar language, props, r*pe, confinement, and other extreme tastes! Enter with caution!

FL: Hua Li || ML: Bao Ting

1. tent**les
2. Swimming Pool
3. Office

Main Story:
Arc 1: The Desperate Campus Belle (Takeaway Driver vs Campus Belle)
Arc 2: Pe*verted Senior (Student Council President vs Helpless Junior)
Arc 3: Scary Man (Brother-in-law vs Beautiful Wife)
Arc 4: Younger Brother Is An Animal (Top Student Younger Brother vs Big Breast Big Sister)
Arc 5: My Teacher (Pe*verted Handsome Teacher vs Timid and Pure Student)
Arc 6: The Doctor (Handsome Doctor vs Shy Patient)
Arc 7: The Noble Miss (Pe*verted Gardener vs Rich Young Miss)
Arc 8: Strange Uncle (Cranky Uncle vs Rebellious Neice)
Arc 9: The Dangerous Fugitive (Wanted Criminal vs Office Lady)
Arc 10: My Timid Sister (Pe*verted Brother vs Cute Sister)
Arc 11: The Crying Bride (Bridal Dress Shop Manager vs Bride-to-be)
Arc 12: My Evil Brother-in-law (Pe*verted Brother-in-law vs Little Poor Wife)

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