Endless Thirst


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A former detective chases after his missing daughter, but what he uncovers in the darkness is…

Third “Konomys” (このミステリーがすごい!) Grand Prize recipient

A story of descent into lunacy over a single girl.

The 17-year old Kanako has disappeared, leaving behind a trace of drug use in her room. Akihiro Fujishima, a former detective and her father, is in pursuit of her whereabouts. Three years earlier, Naoto, who was tormented by his classmates, fell in love with Kanako, who saved him…

The story of the present and the past intersect, and the outline of Kanako gradually emerges from the blurry darkness. Yet the more one delves into her disappearance, the more unintelligible she becomes. What manner of shocking ending awaits at the end of the tunnel? The recipient of the grand prize of the 3rd “This Mystery is Amazing!”, this work overwhelmed every member of the selection committee. A lurid work of dark emotion that will enrapture the hearts of all who read it.

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Hateshinaki Kawaki
World of Kanako
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Date Group Release
11/06/22 ctrldevil v1c14
11/04/22 ctrldevil v1c13
10/21/22 ctrldevil v1c12
10/20/22 ctrldevil v1c11
10/18/22 ctrldevil v1c10
10/18/22 ctrldevil v1c9
10/18/22 ctrldevil v1c8
10/16/22 ctrldevil v1c7
10/15/22 ctrldevil v1c6 part2
10/14/22 ctrldevil v1c6 part1
10/13/22 ctrldevil c5
10/11/22 ctrldevil v1c4
10/10/22 ctrldevil v1c3 part2
10/09/22 ctrldevil v1c3 part1
10/09/22 ctrldevil v1c2
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