Eighteen’s Bed


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“Go Yohan, you really are a terrible bastard.”

“I can’t help it. Bullying is more fun than being bullied.”

Unlike his outer appearance of a kind model student, Kang Jun was filled to the brim with an inferiority complex.

As he advances into his second year, he became close with Go Yohan who was in the same class as him.

“I’ll treat you especially different.”

At some point, as if it were natural, Go Yohan was located at the summit of the pyramid inside the school.

He, who ignored and suppressed others naturally, showed interest in Kang Jun.

Kang Jun, who was subtly ignored by his friends for being weak, did not dislike Go Yohan’s interest, but…

Eighteen, the period where one’s pride took the lead and held fear for crossing the line.

Kang Jun had to make a choice in order to survive.

A very wise choice.

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열여덟의 침대
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2 Reviews

New leeeyena
Sep 26, 2023
Status: --
Omg I love this novel soo much! It's one of my faves.

If you like a bit more heavy stuff and are okay with moraly gray characters then this novel is right for you!!!

So yeah without saying much I can only recommend this novel! So give it a try.
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Sep 02, 2023
Status: Completed
translator here, thought I might as well write a review since its been so long and so that people can get a better idea of the story before reading

in short, they're just horrible people, almost all of the characters except for maybe like two. it's like they hit a low and then keep going lower 😭 anyhow, I think thats the most interesting part of this story, the dynamics of the relationships (love, hate, love and hate repeatedly fluctuating between each other) and the way some of them think. its... more>> one of the more famous korean bls, and it relies heavily on kang juns mentality and development throughout the story because, surprisingly enough, that man does change!!

kang jun is a horrible narrator though dont let his development fool you, whatever he says should not be trusted. the story isnt fully told when you're in his pov, I guess

about go yohan... speechless. this motherf*cker left me speechless and sent me through a spiral of at least 27 different emotions. like what the hell is his problem?? what the hell is everyones problem??? but he is definitely a very well developed and fleshed out character. the more hints and facts you gather along the story allow you to piece together his sh*t storm of a life. the author does a good job of giving the characters dimension and not making them flat and basic

some people probably find this too dramatic since "they're just in high school its not that serious" which well yes is true but this is also korea with horrible bullying problems. still, kang jun didnt need to do all that idk what he was on but its still reasonable considering hes a high school student and everything is infinitely more dramatic in his eyes (even he thinks he was doing too much later on)

honestly the reason why I didnt write a review up until now is just because all I have to say is I love this novel to death and its just interesting just read it if you want to see the downfall of a**holes


go yohans also a regretful ml??? because of the most headache inducing misunderstanding arc where he just lets kang jun fall from grace but honestly kang jun held a grudge for that and even after they 'reunited' he didnt really forgive him (and then poured coffee over his head and told him hes always f*cking hated him)

which actually that arc did something for kang jun I mean he sent a dude to the hospital 😭😭 unlocked the inner idgaf in him it was crazy

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