Duke and Duchess Reunion


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“Let’s start over from the beginning. Can’t I stay by your side, even as a friend?”

Knowing that his whispered love was a delusion, she, who had been reincarnated as a mere supporting character, chose divorce without any regrets.

“I’ll always follow behind you. So when you’re ready, turn around. I’ll always be there.”

To resist his sweet words, she reminded herself over and over again that he had true love and that he was about to fall in love with the heroine.

“I don’t want to love someone in a relationship out of necessity.”

“Don’t go. You’re going to leave me this time, aren’t you? You’re not going to hold on to me forever,” he said, desperately clinging to her as if she were a lifeline. Can she push away this hand once again?

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shinnace rated it
March 22, 2024
Status: --
Okay, so the original plot was twisted because Erez, who was supposed to be the ogFL became a man in the current timeline. This is my first novel which starts directly after the divorce of Aneta (FL) and Carlos (ml). Unlike other novels which start on " the day the FL transmigrated in the novel". Aneta was already settled in, living the life of a divorcee. Ofc, she's one of those isakie'd fl's who had the knowledge of the content of the og novel. What I liked so far is... more>> how she composed herself in front of her ex- husband. And I liked how Carlos sorted to flirtation to gain his ex- wife's attention. But I don't like the past version of him, who tossed his wife even though she did not do something wrong just because of a woman, and even said that his love for Aneta was just a misconception. Well, that hurts like hell, so I cannot blame Aneta if she's as hard as f*ck to return to Carlos' side and trusted him again.

Okay, here's the irritating part, Erez, I think he was also an isakie'd character just like Aneta. He thought that since he was the main character, it's okay to trample on those side characters, especially Aneta. Note: he is a man in the current timeline and is in love with Carlos. So this now becomes a bl novel, lol.

Anyways, the plot is well executed. The pacing is not slow like snail, nor fast as lightning. I like well detailed novels but not to the point where the author forgot to showcase the romance of the main characters. This one is the right blend for me. I don't have to wait for at least 50-100 chapters to see the ML chasing after FL, and FL saying harsh words of resentments to ml. <<less
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