Dragon Ball One Power Level Per Second


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Having traversed to the world of Dragon Ball and becoming a Saiyan baby, Lin Chuan started with a power level of 50 points and carried the Infinity Power Enhancement System.

What? Activating the system requires going to Earth!

Twenty years later, when Lin Chuan embarked on his interstellar journey, thinking that his path to rise would begin, little did he know that he would be trapped for over twenty years on the planet V3114.

But, the spaceship must reach its destination before traveling to other planets.

When he arrived, the invaded planet was in the midst of an apocalypse due to a meteor impact in the Ice Age.

The spaceship was broken and could not engage in interstellar travel.

Faced with a pile of problems, the only thing Lin Chuan could do was to survive and become stronger.

Until one day, when Lin Chuan’s power level reached 15,000 points, a spaceship from the Frieza Army arrived.

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1 Review

New Psy0
May 07, 2024
Status: c84
This is a Chinese fanfic with a generic story but interesting idea. At first, you have some character development and interesting scenario. 30 chapters in and you realized this author is just trying to milk this fanfic for money.

The stories became summaries. There is like 2 sentence of dialogue per chapter. The chapters are extra short. There is just a glimpse of characters interacting with each other. The author didn't even bother with describing people outside of the MC. Even his love interest was forgotten when the author went on... more>> and on about his cheat and power. This is true up to about chapter 70s.

I believe I wasn't the only one mad at the short chapters. The author double the word counter start ping in the later chapters to his habit of summarizing is still a problem. <<less
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